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Wrapping Up September 2018

Hello everyone - I hope September was super solid. Here are the videos released this month:

We just got done shooting a new round of videos in Dallas -- one in particular that will be very beneficial for removals involving adhesive promoter residue. We think this will help lower removal times by 50% (if not more). Exciting stuff so look for this video in the next couple of weeks.

On Sunday, October 28th, we will be doing our second TWI Live event - this time in Denver. We will be partnering with the The Artworks Unlimited, which is a great install shop in the area. The plan is to do a full color change wrap on a Lexus, as well as a chrome delete and light tint in real time. This event is open to the public, so feel free to come on by between 10-4. Let us know you’ll be there.

At the end of October, I’ll be at SEMA hosting demos in the Avery Dennison booth with 2-3 wrap demos a day featuring Joffrey van der Jagt, John Duever and Jim Miller. Chad Parrish will also be there doing PPF demos so it’s an all-star cast. Please come by to say hello and check out the installs that will, as usual, push the boundaries.  

Best of luck in October with all the wraps and I wish you an early Happy Halloween.


Wrapping Up August 2018

September 1, 2018 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello TWI wrappers! For August, I hope the wraps went on smooth which meant you had some time to enjoy the profits. Here is what was released:

We hope you like the new look of the site. It was a major undertaking and, now that it's behind us, we are moving on to other projects.  Several of the big ones will launch in the next month or two so keep an eye out for them as they will be very exciting. 

One project that will launch very soon is a section where TWI members will get special discounts to manufacturers or distributors. We launch with 4 companies, Race Ramps, Blue Stitched, We Print Wraps and Excel. The goal is to expand this in the coming months. If you have any requests for companies or distributors, let us know on the forum. We can use this as a map for approaching the companies that suit our members best.  It’s another way of saying thank you for your support.  

We will be starting our TWI Live program on September 8th where I, along with local installers, will wrap a car live in real time. The idea is to showcase local talent as well as create awareness about wraps in the public. We have four locations locked in – Boise, Denver, Melbourne and Sydney - and plan to expand it in 2019 if it goes well. These events will be filmed and put up on TWI after the event.   

For September videos, there will be several good ones on rivets/trailers, graphics on a school bus and three great tint videos from Rainer which are on point as usual.


"Watch" for these new updates!

Some of our super observant TWI members may have noticed something slightly different about our videos page. We’ve added progress bars to each video to show you how much of an individual video you’ve watched. On the main videos page, it looks like this (the red line being the progress bar):

We will also keep track of your “watch count.” In order for a video to be counted as “watched,” you need to view at least 90% of the video. Your red progress bar will then show the video as completed. As for the videos you have watched prior to this update, they will be shown as completely watched.

A partially watched video progress bar will look like this:

This update is going to be a great stepping stone for some other cool things we have in the works. We are hoping to create a feature similar to YouTube that will allow you to start the video from where you left off if you’re watching it a second time. We are also looking at creating some sort of reward or badge system that will reward you based on how many videos you watch!

Keep a close eye out for more updates! We are constantly working to make your viewing and learning experience better. Never stop learning!

Wrapping Up March 2018

Happy April TWI members. I hope March was a solid month for everyone and here were the videos released:

As you can see in the past couple of weeks, we are focusing on strong fundamental videos which are geared for training new employees and updating the first videos released on TWI.  

The chrome series on the Corvette ZA-1 had to be rescheduled until April 16th in order to coincide with a corresponding product release. This will be a 13-part series that covers everything from bumpers, mirrors, corners, cutting and more.  

We will be filming for 4 days in Dallas in early April and have a list of requests from TWI members so look for these to air in May. These videos will include new product videos and a Dually.

Starting this month, we will be adding the podcasts from All Wrapped Up so a special thanks to Jeff Gregorio for sharing these with TWI members. These can be found in the “podcast” section on the index along with the ones already on the site from The Wrap Pod. These interviews offer a unique insight into people who are working in a variety of different areas within the wrap world. 

We got another 70 T-shirts for the World Wrapper Wall so please keep sending them in. We love to see this wall get bigger each month as it inspires us to keep pushing to new levels.

Thanks as always for being a TWI member!


Wrapping Up February 2018

Hello everyone – I hope February was a solid month for all. Here are the videos released this month:

I want to give a special thanks to Rainer Lorz for submitting some great videos to add to the TWI library. Look for more to come from Rainer in the next few months.

The first two weeks of March will focus on a variety of topics from basics to custom color matching. Starting in the third week of March, a series on wrapping a yellow Corvette in chrome will begin. Great tips and tricks for advanced installers, especially on how to push the chrome to the limit without whitening. This series will run into April, so exciting times ahead.  

We got a lot of T-shirts from TWI members so the wrap wall has expanded which you will see in the newest videos filmed in February. Please continue to send in your T-shirts and hats so you can be represented in the videos!

Here is the address:
The Wrap Institute
Attn: TWI Tees
2145 Chenault Drive, STE 106
Carrollton, TX 75006

Thanks as always for being a TWI member!

Wrapping Up January 2018

Hello TWI Members! I hope the first month of 2018 was a good one. Here are the videos released this month:

For February, be sure to check out some innovative videos submitted by TWI member Rainer Lorz who is an installer/instructor in Germany. We'll also release videos on how to lower install/design times, upsell tips and official overview videos made by TWI on 3M Knifeless Tape that are good for all levels of installers.

During December/January, we went through every single video in the library and accessed them. We will archive about 20 videos as some of the techniques/tools are obsolete, update about 30 videos during upcoming shoots in Dallas, restructure the index to make it more searchable, as well as focus on creating a host of new videos for beginners. The goal is to create an index category that is a turn key solution for new installers, employees and/or students. 

Based on the reaction to launching the Rejuvenation series at one time, we're going to test out launching a week’s worth of new videos every Monday. The daily social media post announcing the new video will continue. This way, if you like to binge watch you get the 5 new vids and, if you like to watch daily, you can go off of the daily post.  

In February, we will be filming a series on how to wrap with chrome on a Corvette ZR1, so look for this to be launched in April or May.

Thanks as always for being a TWI member!


2018 Orafol Wrap Certification Course Dates


Hi Valued Customer,

ORAFOL Americas Inc. is proud to announce the much anticipated ORAFOL Vehicle Wrap Certification Course. Building on many successful years of ORAFOL Professional Wrapping Academies, this advanced training course is designed for those dedicated to becoming the most proficient wrap installer combined with certification testing.

This comprehensive program will feature training on the finer points of vehicle wrapping such as proper graphic alignment and finishing as well as more difficult-to-wrap components such as bumpers and side-view mirrors.

Once completed and passed, an ORAFOL Certified Wrap Installer will become part of a network of national and international installers who may be called upon to install ORAFOL vehicle wrapping materials according to ORAFOL manufacturing recommendations.

Additional benefits to become an ORAFOL Certified Vehicle Wrap Installer:

  • Become highly proficient in the application of ORAFOL wrap products
  • Become highly knowledgeable of ORAFOL brand product specifications and applications
  • Interact and network with the industry’s top vehicle wrap installers
  • Receive business referrals from ORAFOL via website and program listings
  • Receive business referrals from ORAFOL Certified Installer Network

To register for the following class dates click here.

February 7-8 in Pompano Beach, FL
April 12-13 in Santa Margarita, CA
June 14-15 in Indianapolis, IN
September 13-14 in Long Island, NY

Lisa Humrich
Marketing Manager

About ORAFOL Americas Inc.
ORAFOL Americas Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of premium pressure-sensitive reflective products, graphic films, digital media, laminating films, and industrial tapes used in signage, graphics, digital printing and screen printing applications. The company’s distribution network spans the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information, product samples, or to locate an Authorized ORAFOL Distributor, contact ORAFOL at (888) 672-2251 or visit ORAFOL online at

Wrapping up December + 2017

January 1, 2018 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Happy 2018 to all – I hope this year brings lots of new techniques, tips and tools that bring in higher profits and more time. Here are the videos released in December:

For January, we are trying out a new way of releasing videos. We are launching an entire series at once, in sequential order, instead of daily. The first series of 2018 is called "Rejuvenation", which is 17 videos about a color change car wrap on a budget - ideal for high profits, and involves very little hardware removal. Great combination of install techniques with something in each video for all levels of installers.

We have a new video category called The Wrap Pod. This is a podcast created by TWI member, Simon Polakof. An interview-based podcast, it offers an in-depth look into the industry through the eyes of the guest installer featured on each episode. I was honored to be the first person interviewed (check it out here). Each newly released Wrap Pod episode will be available to TWI members and posted in the Videos section.

In February, I will be in Dallas with four full shooting days so if you have any requests please put them in the Forum. The sooner you submit your request the more time we have to prepare what might be needed to make it happen.

Also, look for more links on our Resource section. We are also working on creating a more dynamic sorting/searching system for our database to make it easier for you to find a tool or workshop when you need it quick. If there is a company that you don’t see on the Resource section please let us know so we can make sure to include it (there is a link on the Resources page to submit). The quicker a question can be answered, the faster one can build and expand.

Best of luck wrapping in the first month of January 2018 as this looks to be a very exciting year for the wrap industry worldwide!


Wrapping Up November 2017

December 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – what a good, busy month of November. Lots of videos filmed at SEMA and in Dallas – total of 95 videos in the can ready to edit. Exciting stuff. Here are the videos released in November:

For December, expect to see the rest of the SEMA demo videos play out. I especially like the break down videos on how each different wrap was installed – great insight into workflow and installers can make a designer’s vision come to life. Several videos on installing chrome on cars and more interviews from SEMA – Kevin Kempf, Chad Parrish and Joffrey van der Jagt. We will end the year with an overview of 2017 and plan to take the last week of December off from releasing a new daily video to focus on family and celebrating the new year.

Speaking of 2018, I’m really excited about the lineup off videos for January and February. Especially a series on refurbishing an oldish car with worn out paint and hardware with the same color wrap film as the paint. Great insight into wrapping without taking hardware off, repairing hardware with wrap film and avoiding overwrapping. A whole series will begin about breaking down 4-5 different ways on how to wrap something on a vehicle (mirrors, molding, antennas, etc…). It will show the positives and negatives for each approach so installers and owners get a good sense of which option is best for each type of install in terms of quality, time and money. Always a balance to find the right formula.

Also, look for more videos on tools, either overview or product videos, as well as more focus on wrap films. The goal as always is to expand the library so I hope to get a whole series on design and window tint rolling by spring.

TWI is booked for Wrapscon in Long Beach again which is always exciting and, with my travel locked and loaded for 2018, look for more videos from Japan, Brazil, Australia, Europe and the U.S. Such an exciting industry to be in and, as always, thanks for your support. 

Wrappy holiday wishes to you and your family and best of wishes for 2018.


Wrapping Up October 2017

November 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope you had a solid October and got lots of candy from Halloween. In a way, wraps are kind of like costumes for cars, walls, floors and windows. Here are the videos released this month:

I want to give a special thanks to Casey Folk from PDX Wraps for sharing some valuable tips and tricks that he shared during the October video run.  Great biz logic.

The new PDFs are on TWI so be sure to click on the Shop page and download them to your Dashboard. Free for all subscribing TWI members. I plan on giving an overview of “The Golden Rules of Car wrap Design” (one of the new PDFs) while shooting at TWI in November. Lots of videos planned for those shooting days with a big focus on making smart choices to avoid overwrapping as well as more product videos.

From Oct 31-Nov 3, the film crew for TWI will be getting a ton of footage from SEMA so look for 8 detailed vids on the wraps done in the Avery Dennison booth with Joffrey van der Jagt, Jim Miller, Chad Parrish and myself. Very cool wraps planned so worth watching when they are released. Also, the annual SEMA overview and lots of interviews with key people in the industry. Look for more of those exclusive interviews in 2018 as I think they offer great insight into how people wrap and run a business. A fresh perspective is always a good thing especially if it creates more time and money.

Thanks as always for being a member of TWI. Learning and earning, that’s the ticket.