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Are you brand new to wrapping vehicles? If so, you may be getting lost or overwhelmed in our video database, which contains tips and techniques for all installer levels.

Justin put together a list of Wrap Institute videos for beginners who are just starting out. So if you're looking for the basic techniques to learn to wrap, start here:

All the TWI Tool videos are free and are a great resource for new installers. Each Tool category includes an overview of the tool itself, how to use it, techniques/tips for the tool, and where to buy it.

We also have an entire category full of free videos that you can see by going to Videos and clicking "Free Videos" in the Categories list. 

While you're watching videos on The Wrap Institute, you'll notice tool images below the video. These tools are clickable and will link you to the Tool listing so you can learn more about the tool or find out where to buy it.

You'll also notice Tags at the bottom of each video. These words and phrases are also clickable and will link you to other videos that use that same tool, technique or material.

Happy wrapping!

Wrapping Up March

April 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope that March was a good one and that the year is shaping up to be a busy one. Here are the videos released in March:

In the second week of April, a series comparing full print and a color change install on vans will launch. Really key to see the difference between the two styles for reaching solid profit points. At the end of the month, the advanced Knifeless Tape videos will air with Phil Aquin. Super amazing techniques that are game changers.  

I will be doing demos for Avery Dennison at the ISA show in Las Vegas so look for an overview of that show. The PPF videos at XPEL are confirmed so I will be filming these at their training facility in San Antonio mid-April. Look for them to be launched in May or June.

As you may have seen, the FESPA / Cambea #7 show in Brazil was the best ever. Great to see install skills worldwide just get higher and higher including the passion for the wrap industry.  

Exciting times ahead for 2017.


Wrapping Up February

March 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope the vinyl went down smooth in February. Here are the videos that were released:

Lots of exciting projects in the works at TWI. For March, videos scheduled to be released will be about tools, cars, Di-Noc and Product Videos.

I just got done shooting a very cool series with Phil Aquin, 3M Knifeless trainer. Look for these videos to come out in April. Really in-depth techniques that can create super solid profits. 

In April, I will be shooting production videos in LA with Adam Sumner, owner of Wrapix, as well as an X-Minutes video with Andy Soleimani, owner of Sticker City. After LA, I will be making a few videos with Casey Folk, owner of PDX Wraps in Portland. April also has plans to do in-depth PPF videos with Xpel so once the plans are solidified I will announce this. John Duever is making new business-oriented videos in March so look for these in April as well. Always critical to know how to price and wrap.

As you may have noticed, there have been some changes to the website - the main one being the Tools section revamp with added links to tools/products shown in the videos. Super exciting to now offer this to TWI users.

Here's how it works: if you like/want to know more about a tool used in a video, click the tool image thumbnail in the video description, or go to the Tool section and find it in the list.

As this function gets built out, it will also offer country-specific linking to help you quickly access the providers closest to you geographically. Keep in mind, The Wrap Institute is neutral, so we are not pushing one brand over another. We are simply trying to provide the links to distributors/manufacturers to help our users wrap better and smarter.

Best of success in March and keep on laying it down!


Wrapping Up January

February 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone - I hope the first month of 2017 treated you all well. Here are the videos released in January:

The 3M Di-Noc series is almost complete and the videos will start being released on the site on February 6th. Lots of great videos on wrapping with Di-Noc, including: kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, an office desk, a living room wall, bathrooms, hallways, three different types of tables and more. Exciting stuff. A special thanks to 3M for their support of this project.

More product videos are in the pipeline for Avery Dennison, Teckwrap, Orafol, 3M and SOTT.

Also, from February 8-12 I will be in Dallas at TWI HQ shooting videos so if there are any requests please put them in the Forum.


Wrapping Up December

January 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope the holidays treated you well and that you are ready for another year of learning and earning. As always, let’s begin with the videos released the previous month:

As the wrap industry and The Wrap Institute continue to grow and change, the beginning of the year is a great chance to see what is in store.  

The beginning of the year will focus on interior wraps as well as the launch of Product Videos. These are more straightforward, fact-based videos on specific materials and tools, but we feel that this type of information is critical to understand. Every product/manufacturer makes their materials differently. Understanding these differences - like the right post-heating temperatures or lamination combos for instance - can mean the difference between profiting and taking a loss on a job.

The Wrap Institute will have a booth again at Wrapscon. This year it’s in Long Beach and we have a great game plan. All demos will be videotaped so if you can’t make it to the show, you'll be able to check them out on the site.

I have lots of trips planned this year – America, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Ireland and Denmark. One of the main things I love about these trips is the great unknown. What new techniques, tips and tools can I learn and share right away on TWI. So, what will be the new technique or material or wrap that changes the industry? Let’s find out.



December 1, 2016 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope everyone had a great November. Here are the videos that were released in last month:

We had a very thorough 4-day video shoot at our headquarters in Dallas this month that resulted in 45 new videos. Several of the videos represent a new direction for The Wrap Institute. They are videos reviewing specific films - material notes, application difficulty, installation guidelines, warranty information, etc. Super clean, simple and informative. Look out for those videos in late December or early January. We would love to hear your feedback, positive or negative, as we think they will fill a huge niche in the wrap industry.

We already have big shoots planned for 2017 and our booth at Wrapscon is confirmed for the show in Long Beach in July so very exciting.

From December 24 – January 2 we are taking a break from launching a video every weekday so look for new videos with the new year. Time to relax with our families and put fresh buffers on our squeegees for all the wrapping in 2017.

Best wishes for the holiday season!


Wrapping Up October

November 1, 2016 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope that October was an excellent month of wrapping. Here are the videos that were released this month:

November will begin with lots of business and production videos featuring John Duever and Adam Sumner.

SEMA, the world’s largest car show, will take place in Las Vegas from November 1-4. I will be doing demos in the Avery Dennison booth with Jim Miller, John Duever and Joffrey van der Jagt wrapping Gas Monkey’s race car several times a day with super cutting-edge designs - come check it out and say hi if you are there.

Look for the annual SEMA overview video to be released on in mid-November. I will be filming in Dallas from November 15-19 so if you have any requests please put them in the Forum. We have a big list but can always accommodate more.

Best of luck in November and as the final of run of the year begins.


Wrapping Up September

October 1, 2016 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone - I hope that this quickly expanding wrap industry is treating you well. Here is the list of videos released on The Wrap Institute in September:

This month we're starting a deep color-change series on a GMC truck. Great information on how to remove doors, hoods and beds, along with how to wrap door jambs.

In mid-October I will be in Dallas filming new videos. John Duever (Vinyl Images) will be there as well to make videos about the business of wrap - so look for those in November. It’s one thing to be able to wrap and another thing to be able to know how to price and make sure the right insurance is purchased.

SEMA in Las Vegas is just around the corner with lots of exciting events. I will be in the Avery Dennison booth along with Jim Miller, Joffrey van der Jagt and John Duever wrapping a Gas Monkey race car three times each day. Joffrey is coming up with super exciting designs which will push the boundaries for sure. There will also be lots of parties and events including the WWWrap party on Wednesday at 7pm.

Hope to see you there.


Wrapping Up August

September 1, 2016 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter 

Hello everyone. I hope that August was a great, busy month and that September is lining up to be the same. Here are the videos released this month:

For September, look out for videos on boats, a refrigerator and much more. There will be a full print series that is actually a rewrap of one of the first cars used for The Wrap Institute videos. It offers good insight into how techniques have changed over the past 3 years, as well as good tips for removals.

In early September, we’re planning to film a series on a super deep color change for a Ford F350 Crew Cab that will include videos on door removals and how to separate the bed from the cab. This will be a show car for SEMA so lots of high-end detail.

And don’t forget, with lots of shooting dates planned for September, October and November, to put your video requests on the Video Requests Forum page so we can get them filmed. Thanks for your support and keep up the good work.


New Site Features!

We're excited to debut some site improvements and new site features for our members! 

We've simplified the navigation menu, added quick links for our members, integrated a search feature, and moved "LOG IN" to the top right of the page.

Here are some of the update highlights:

  • The magnifying glass in the top right corner allows you to quickly search the site by keyword. This search returns results from all pages of the site, including videos. PS - we're going to continue to refine this feature to make it even more user-friendly.
  • Members now have their own Dashboard - a place to access your account details, purchases, edit your profile, follow other member accounts and get a quick snapshot of recently uploaded videos. We'll be adding even more features to the Dashboard in the coming months.
  • When you watch a video, it will now show as "watched" so you can keep track of the videos you have and haven't seen.
  • You can "like" the videos you really enjoyed. The most liked videos will show up in the "Popular Videos" category, and will help us refine our future filming schedule to match up with what you guys want to see.
  • You can save videos to your very own Watch List (accessible in your Dashboard) to keep track of videos you want to watch later.
  • Quickly access the videos you like most by adding them to your Favorite Videos list.

We hope you will dig around and check out these new features and site imrpovements! As always, we welcome any and al feedback from our members. If you stumble accross something you think we should know about, please write us asap at media[at]


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