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Wrapping Up March 2020

Hello everyone – I want to begin by saying that everyone at TWI hopes that you are all safe and adapting successfully to the current world situation. We've made it a priority to stay committed to you, our members, and will continue dropping new videos every week so you can keep learning. Here's what was released in March: 

As most of you know, ISA Sign Expo, which includes The Wrap Institute’s Never Stop Learning Wrap Contest and The Wrap Experience, has been rescheduled to August 22-24, 2020. It was disappointing to postpone it from our original April date, as we were pumped to show you the super fun designs and program we had put together, yet, it's key during this time to see the positive. This delay simply gives us more time to make both the contest and the entire experience even better. So, be sure to sign up for the wrap contest when registration reopens (we'll give you a heads up when it does), and we hope to see you in Orlando.

With the current upheaval across the world, and particularly for us in the wrap industry, it's clear that this virus is affecting everyone to varying degrees. I strongly encourage you all to do the proper research and take advantage of all the assistance governments are offering. This can be a critical lifeline for many wrap shops and freelance installers during this uncertain and stressful time. Check out our new blog post including government links and websites for numerous countries, and feel free to let us know if you know of any helpful resources for your country that are not listed.      

As for The Wrap Institute, expect us to continue full-on with what we do. There are some great new videos coming out in April and May with a big focus on PPF, chrome and interiors. Much of the footage was shot at our new center in Munich, which is a phenomenal facility, and allows us to create even higher quality videos. We have an exciting new feature that will be launching this month that we're very excited about - it's going to help you navigate our videos like never before! We'll be releasing a dedicated video on how to get the most out of the new site, so be sure to look out for that email.

Again, I hope all of you are taking measures to keep yourself, your employees and your family safe during this season. Be confident and determined. If there is ever a time to Never Stop Learning, it's now.  


Wrapping Up July 2019

Happy August everyone – I hope July was a super solid month. It was for The Wrap Institute in terms of new videos and here is what we released:

Wrapscon is just around the corner and we are super excited about the show. Lots of planned demos with special guest appearances. If you can make it to the show, be sure to stop by our booth. Chrome, PPF, color change material to play with, plus lots of tools. Two hoods, 3 recessed doors and a Dodge Challenger. Lots of swag to purchase as well including a new printed TWI knife.

TWI members get a special discount on a new sales program from XiX3D called XENO (60% off PLUS an extra $150 off). We sent out a separate eblast just on this discount so be sure to check that out for all the details. You can also access the discount code on the SHOP section of the site. It’s a game changer for sure. 

We have a great month of videos all scheduled up and will have all the demos from Wrapscon starting to go on the site the last week in August so be sure to look out for those.

Thanks as always for being a TWI member!


Wrapping Up June 2019

June is closed for business and July is open and ready. Here are the very good videos that were released in June:

First off, if you are in the Boise, Idaho, area on July 6th be sure to stop by the TWI Live event at the Rag Company. It's going to be a lot of fun with super yummy food.

The video line up for July is just as solid as June. Lots of videos with Joffrey van der Jagt from Pro Wraps with great tips and advice, a deep bumper series with Rainer Lorz, and two "what’s in your wrap shop" videos that feature Chris Bull and Jamie Mullican. Also, definitely be sure to check out our product videos this month on Ceramic Pro - solid tips for protecting wraps and upselling.  

Wrapscon is just around the corner in August and our booth is shaping up to be super cool. Can’t wait to reveal our booth design and schedule of demos and guest speakers. Don’t forget to submit suggestions to us for demos as we want to make Wrapscon about our members as much as possible.

Best of luck in July and keep on wrappin’ on!


Wrapping Up May 2019

Hello TWI members – and a happy June to everyone. I hope the squeegee strokes were smooth and the cuts were clean in May. Here are the videos that were released in May:

For new videos in June, we start off with a week of TWI Green = Green videos that focus on cleaners, recycling, material and design. For the rest of the month we'll be digging deep with advanced videos on some tricky objects. It's all about eliminating tension and adhesive lines with super techniques and tools. The month will end with a new "What's in your wrap shop?" video that features Shareef Khan from SS Customs.

TWI has some discounts that are exclusive to our members. We have a new special discount for TWI members that comes from Autosauce, 10% off their products that work super great for wraps and smell even better. Check out the Shop section in the upper right hand corner of The Wrap Institute site for all your exclusive details.

Wrapscon is just around the corner, so look out for us asking your help to decide what kind of vehicles and demos you want to see. Our booth is going to be super cool, so if you can get to Wrapscon in Long Beach August 15-17, come stop by.

Best of luck wrapping in June and, as always, thank you so much for being a TWI member! Never Stop Learning™!


Wrapping Up April 2019

Hello TWI members – I hope April was a solid wrapping month as it was another good one of new TWI videos. Here is what was released in April:

The ISA Wrap Experience learning contest in The Wrap Institute booth April 24-26 in Las Vegas was an amazing event. It was so cool to see 81 mostly new installers get hands-on time with John Duever, Chad Parrish and Dimas Brasil. It was a really special show all around and we're already confirmed to be in the 2020 ISA Sign Expo for next year so keep an eye out for sign up times. A special thanks to Avery Dennison, Magnet Resource, Master Appliance and Race Ramps for sponsoring the booth.  

TWI has some new discounts that are exclusive to our members. Get $100 off ProVehicle Outline templates, 20% off Master Appliance heat guns and 10% off the POD steamer (code will be up on the site shortly). To access the codes go to the “Shop” page and click on Discounts to get the exact code names and numbers. There will be more coming in the next months - be sure to take advantage of these TWI-only deals!

We are already full steam into planning the 2019 Wrapscon booth for August in Long Beach. We have a great idea of what the focus will be which will be very interactive with our members before the show. Be sure to keep an eye out for a special blast in the coming weeks and ready to give us your input and feedback! This will help make the show even better.

TWI wishes you the best of wrapping in May and, as always, Never Stop Learning™!


Wrapping Up March 2019

Happy April everyone. I hope March was a busy one for you as it certainly was for The Wrap Institute. Here are the new videos released last month.

As you probably know, we launched our TWI Green = Green program. We are very excited about the chance to help the wrap industry create less waste, use more environmentally-friendly materials and cleaners, while at the same time increasing profits. We hope you really benefit from these videos throughout 2019 and beyond.

The ISA Wrap Experience in The Wrap Institute booth during the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas April 24-26 is just around the corner. We are very, very excited about the contest and it looks like all 81 spots will be filled so its going to be full-on for the trainers – John Duever, Chad Parrish and Dimas Brasil. If you can make it to the booth, be sure to hit the times where we will be having prize giveaways. We will have the contest filmed and be doing some great additional videos so look for these in May.  

Lastly, mid-April we will be announcing a new program on The Wrap Institute which will help you get the best hands-on training worldwide so keep an eye out for this announcement.  

Thanks for your support and, as always, Never Stop Learning™.


We're Headed to ISA!

ISA Wrap Experience in partnership with Justin Pate, The Wrap Institute, and Avery Dennison – Graphics Solutions

Join us as print comes to life in this educational and highly-anticipated event where selected attendees will be trained by professional wrap instructors on the latest applications and tools offered in the wrap industry – and win prizes based on your wrapping abilities. All on the tradeshow floor!


The ISA Wrap Experience in partnership with Justin Pate, The Wrap Institute, and Avery Dennison – Graphics Solutions, will bring together wrap experts and wrap novices for an experience that is competitive, instructional and, of course, fun.

We are excited to have Justin Pate, well-known as the expert in vehicle wraps, moderate three instructors who will train teams in wrap skills. This one-of-a-kind event includes hands-on learning about material selection, application and finishing techniques. At the end of each round, the group will be judged on the quality of their wrap and newfound knowledge. The instructors will be judged on the quality of their teaching. Don't miss out as there will be daily winners!

There will be a variety of substrates and application stations available for participants and instructors' use in the ISA Wrap Experience. Instructors will train in groups of three; a total of 27 spots daily are available for this extremely limited opportunity – so don't wait to sign up! Sessions will last 90 minutes, allowing plenty of time to explore the other products and events available at ISA Sign Expo®.

Sign up today to apply to be selected to participate in the 2019 ISA Wrap Experience!

For questions, please contact


Wrapping Up February 2019

Hello TWI members! I hope February was super solid. Here are the videos released:

We sent out a separate blast about our booth at the ISA Sign Expo April 24-26 in Las Vegas. Be sure to enter the ISA Wrap Experience learning contest and, if not, come on by to say hello and win some cool prizes.

For March, the first three weeks will be a mix of mediums from PPF to production to trucks. The last week will debut a new program we are very happy to launch as it is something we are passionate about, so keep an eye out for that.

Best of luck wrapping in March.



Wrapping Up January 2019

Hello TWI members! I hope the first month of 2019 started off right and that you picked up some solid tips and tricks from these new videos:

I would like to give a big shout out to everyone who purchased the limited-edition TWI knife that raised money for installer Vincent Staats and his family. For the knife to sell out in 6 hours is just too cool. It speaks highly of our members which makes us here at TWI incredibly proud. Based on the success of the limited-edition knives, NT Cutter is sending another 200. The plan is that these will go on sale in May. They will be first offered to TWI members before we announce the sale publicly, so be sure and keep an eye out for that email.

We start filming a whole new batch of videos in February with lots of cool product videos, new tools and much, much more. It's a busy line up of filming already stacked through March, so 2019 looks to be on another level from 2018. Super exciting.

The first TWI Live event of 2019 will take place on Saturday, February 9th in Miami at MetroWrapz. I cannot say how excited I am about the event and working with Bruno Dede and crew. We are wrapping a hi-line exotic car with an art wrap. A food truck will be on site giving out free food and drinks, plus there will be special guest appearances, realtime wrapping, and the chance to get hands-on with material and tools. If you can swing by, its from 9:30a-3:30p. We will be filming and going live on social media, so keep an eye out if you can't make it.

The next TWI Live event will be in Montreal, Canada, on Saturday, March 16th at Polyalto.

Lastly, keep an eye out for some super exciting announcements in early February. 

Best of luck this month!

Custom Wrap Turns Old Van Into Hot Wheels For Hot Food

Justin Pate (standing, 1st from right), Nick Caminiti (standing, 2nd from right) and the team from Exotic Graphix wrapped an old van for The Big Umbrella Foundation.


Melbourne, Australia, 21 November 2018 – What happens when the world’s leading wrap trainer and a two-time global Avery Dennison Wrap King meet? They transformed an old van used by volunteers of a local charitable organisation into a set of hot wheels to grab attention on the road!

Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute in the United States and wrap installers from Exotic Graphix transformed an old van for The Big Umbrella Foundation at a live wrap show on Saturday, 17 November 2018, in Carrum Downs, Victoria. This van, which had ferried more than 22,000 volunteers over 8 years to deliver hot meals to the homeless living in Melbourne, will continue to be used for delivery but was in need of a new look.

“The TWI Live event was extra special to do in Melbourne as it gave me an opportunity to work with Nick Caminiti and his crew at Exotic Graphics. It was great to let people see the transformational power of wraps in realtime as well as have the final wrap be for a good cause. To see how happy The Big Umbrella were to essentially get a brand "new van" was priceless. Huge thanks to Avery Dennison and Graphic Art Mart for collaborating on this event and I hope to do it again next time I’m in Australia or New Zealand!” said Justin Pate who was in Melbourne, his first stop in Australia for his 2018 Advanced Wrapping Workshops across Australia/New Zealand region. On this tour, Pate will conduct 10 workshops targeted at helping experienced wrap installers sharpen their skills and share his proven Universal Graphic Installation System (UGIS).

“What a great result bringing our van to life! We will definitely be the talk of the street now!” exclaimed Lucy Alasso, volunteer, The Big Umbrella Foundation, a volunteer-operated based in Australia that works locally and overseas to address issues impacting marginalised people. “This will make a difference to being noticed and getting more volunteers and supporters on board. We can't thank Avery Dennison enough for this opportunity and for introducing us to the amazing Justin Pate and talented guys at Exotic Graphix along with Graphic Art Mart’s support!

The design for this wrap was specially created by two-time Avery Dennison King of the Wrap World Nick Caminitiwho also offered the use of his workshop in Carrums Down for this live wrap session. “It was an awesome opportunity to work with Justin and on such a worthy cause too. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to pay it forward with The Big Umbrella just doing what we love best!” said Caminiti.

Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping™ Film the MPI 1105™ Easy Apply RS Supercast Digital film, the DOL 1480Z Gloss Film and the newly launched V-4000 Premium Reflective Film were used for this wrap installation which took about six hours.

Valued at approximately about $10,000, this charity wrap event was made possible with the sponsorship from Avery Dennison and Exotic Graphix. An additional $520 of

cash donations were contributed by both Avery Dennison and event attendees to The Big Umbrella Foundation to provide hot meals for the homeless in Melbourne.

“It was great to see the two industry experts at work on one project,” said Jordan Leach, Senior Business Manager, Avery Dennison Graphic Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. “This isn’t something that can happen any day and we’re indeed proud to have made it happen in collaboration with our valued partners. We’re even happier to have been able to contribute towards the needs of our local communities and shine the spotlight on the excellent work by The Big Umbrella and their volunteers here.”

# # #

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