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New to Wrapping Vehicles? Start Here.

Are you brand new to wrapping vehicles? If so, you may be getting lost or overwhelmed in our video database, which contains tips and techniques for all installer levels.

Justin put together Wrap Institute playlists, as well as a list of videos, for beginners who are just starting out. So if you're looking for the basic techniques to learn to wrap, start here:


1. Understand Your Material

First, learn about the properties of film (vinyl) by watching our "Essential Foundation: Film Properties" playlist. We recommend that you watch all of these videos, as well as:


2. Learn Install Techniques

After you've finished learning about the film, it's time to learn about the basic techniques. We recommend watching our "Essential Foundation: Basic Techniques" playlist. In addition, we recommend watching these videos as supplementary material:


3. Get Familiar with Tools

All the TWI Tool and Official Product Video videos are free and are a great resource for new installers.


4. Get Set Up to Practice

You don't need much to learn to wrap. You'll need a squeegee and a knife to get started. If you don't have access to vinyl scraps for practice, you can order small amounts on Amazon (like 5 square-feet of this 3M Matte Black vinyl, or this Avery Dennison Gloss Black Metallic vinyl). Or, some distributors sell various-sized rolls that you can get to practice with - check out our Directory section for distributors near you.

Check out our tool videos on squeegees and knives to get a quick overview and links to purchase. If you want a quick answer - start with the 3M Gold Squeegee, grab a pack of Monkey Strips and an NT Cutter.


5. Use The Wrap Institute as Your Resource for Learning

While you're watching videos on The Wrap Institute, you'll notice four features: Playlist, Related Videos, Tools and Tags. Our Playlist feature is at the top, and will show you if the video you're watching is part of a playlist. If it is, it will allow you to watch all the videos in order, to encourage ease of learning. Related Videos are videos that may show the same technique, vinyl, or vehicle part. The Tool images below our related videos are clickable and will link you to the tool listing so you can learn more about the tool or find out where to buy it. Tags are below this, and are some of the searchable terms you can use to find this video again.


6. Get Certified

Thinking about getting certified? Justin talks about certification - benefits, the process, etc - in this video.


Happy wrapping!