"Watch" for these new updates!

Some of our super observant TWI members may have noticed something slightly different about our videos page. We’ve added progress bars to each video to show you how much of an individual video you’ve watched. On the main videos page, it looks like this (the red line being the progress bar):

We will also keep track of your “watch count.” In order for a video to be counted as “watched,” you need to view at least 90% of the video. Your red progress bar will then show the video as completed. As for the videos you have watched prior to this update, they will be shown as completely watched.

A partially watched video progress bar will look like this:

This update is going to be a great stepping stone for some other cool things we have in the works. We are hoping to create a feature similar to YouTube that will allow you to start the video from where you left off if you’re watching it a second time. We are also looking at creating some sort of reward or badge system that will reward you based on how many videos you watch!

Keep a close eye out for more updates! We are constantly working to make your viewing and learning experience better. Never stop learning!