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Wrapping Up April 2019

Hello TWI members – I hope April was a solid wrapping month as it was another good one of new TWI videos. Here is what was released in April:

The ISA Wrap Experience learning contest in The Wrap Institute booth April 24-26 in Las Vegas was an amazing event. It was so cool to see 81 mostly new installers get hands-on time with John Duever, Chad Parrish and Dimas Brasil. It was a really special show all around and we're already confirmed to be in the 2020 ISA Sign Expo for next year so keep an eye out for sign up times. A special thanks to Avery Dennison, Magnet Resource, Master Appliance and Race Ramps for sponsoring the booth.  

TWI has some new discounts that are exclusive to our members. Get $100 off ProVehicle Outline templates, 20% off Master Appliance heat guns and 10% off the POD steamer (code will be up on the site shortly). To access the codes go to the “Shop” page and click on Discounts to get the exact code names and numbers. There will be more coming in the next months - be sure to take advantage of these TWI-only deals!

We are already full steam into planning the 2019 Wrapscon booth for August in Long Beach. We have a great idea of what the focus will be which will be very interactive with our members before the show. Be sure to keep an eye out for a special blast in the coming weeks and ready to give us your input and feedback! This will help make the show even better.

TWI wishes you the best of wrapping in May and, as always, Never Stop Learning™!