Wrapping up December + 2017

January 1, 2018 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Happy 2018 to all – I hope this year brings lots of new techniques, tips and tools that bring in higher profits and more time. Here are the videos released in December:

For January, we are trying out a new way of releasing videos. We are launching an entire series at once, in sequential order, instead of daily. The first series of 2018 is called "Rejuvenation", which is 17 videos about a color change car wrap on a budget - ideal for high profits, and involves very little hardware removal. Great combination of install techniques with something in each video for all levels of installers.

We have a new video category called The Wrap Pod. This is a podcast created by TWI member, Simon Polakof. An interview-based podcast, it offers an in-depth look into the industry through the eyes of the guest installer featured on each episode. I was honored to be the first person interviewed (check it out here). Each newly released Wrap Pod episode will be available to TWI members and posted in the Videos section.

In February, I will be in Dallas with four full shooting days so if you have any requests please put them in the Forum. The sooner you submit your request the more time we have to prepare what might be needed to make it happen.

Also, look for more links on our Resource section. We are also working on creating a more dynamic sorting/searching system for our database to make it easier for you to find a tool or workshop when you need it quick. If there is a company that you don’t see on the Resource section please let us know so we can make sure to include it (there is a link on the Resources page to submit). The quicker a question can be answered, the faster one can build and expand.

Best of luck wrapping in the first month of January 2018 as this looks to be a very exciting year for the wrap industry worldwide!