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Wrapping Up February 2020

Happy March everyone! Seems like everyone I talk to in the wrap industry is busy these days, so I hope that was the case in February. It certainly was for TWI. Here are the videos that were dropped:

The Never Stop Learning Wrap Contest and The Wrap Experience, both in conjunction with The Wrap Institute and ISA, are just around the corner. Be sure to sign up for the contest as there are over $15,000 worth of prizes to win. The Wrap Experience is an interactive area around the contest, and the theme is “Pivot for Profit”. It’s all about finding new ways to increase revenue with what you already have in your wrap shop or for your skill level as an installer. 

TWI was part of a cool charity drive for Australia in conjunction with Yellotools, Graphic Art Mart and Dallas Fowler.  As of now, there are only 8 squeegee sets left, so if you didn’t get one, be sure to grab them as only 100 were made and all the money goes to a good cause.  

The Wrap Institute Center is coming along in Munich, and we will be filming there in March and plan for the first workshops to begin in April. More into to follow.

Be sure to check out the shopping cart for a new offer exclusively for TWI members. The offer is for a cool app that's geared toward pricing and workflow – Mobile Tech RX. TWI made some product videos for them and the pre-inspection function alone is worth checking out. For now, they are set up for PPF, and in the future, will expand to color change and full print.  

As always, thanks for supporting TWI and letting us push the concept of Never Stop Learning!™