Wrapping Up January 2018

Hello TWI Members! I hope the first month of 2018 was a good one. Here are the videos released this month:

For February, be sure to check out some innovative videos submitted by TWI member Rainer Lorz who is an installer/instructor in Germany. We'll also release videos on how to lower install/design times, upsell tips and official overview videos made by TWI on 3M Knifeless Tape that are good for all levels of installers.

During December/January, we went through every single video in the library and accessed them. We will archive about 20 videos as some of the techniques/tools are obsolete, update about 30 videos during upcoming shoots in Dallas, restructure the index to make it more searchable, as well as focus on creating a host of new videos for beginners. The goal is to create an index category that is a turn key solution for new installers, employees and/or students. 

Based on the reaction to launching the Rejuvenation series at one time, we're going to test out launching a week’s worth of new videos every Monday. The daily social media post announcing the new video will continue. This way, if you like to binge watch you get the 5 new vids and, if you like to watch daily, you can go off of the daily post.  

In February, we will be filming a series on how to wrap with chrome on a Corvette ZR1, so look for this to be launched in April or May.

Thanks as always for being a TWI member!