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Wrapping Up June 2020

Happy July everyone! I hope that June was a safe and successful month for all you TWI members. It was a great month of new videos in June, and here's what dropped:

June was an epic month for TWI, and we took a big step forward in rounding out our platform by launching Dan’s Design Distillery. This is a game-changing private workshop with Dan Antonelli from Kickcharge Creative that will transform your wrap shop workflow and design skills. Be sure to check out the design section of our website to find out more from this wrap industry leader, and check out our workshop options.
Next week marks the 2,000th video on TWI, so be sure to look out for some special giveaways. It's a huge milestone for TWI and one that is firmly based on you, our loyal members, for always striving to learn more and take the wrap industry to a higher level. I also want to thank the dedicated team at TWI as well as Rainer Lorz and Pascal Braker for leading the new TWI Center in Munich.  
For July, look for a lot of videos on PPF, especially early on in the month where Rainer, Patrick and myself wrapped up a beautiful Rolls Royce Dawn. There are a ton of great tips and tricks as well as amazing footage from the new TWI Center in Munich. 
Also, this month we will announce special new workshops for Europe which is something I'm very excited about. These will be extra unique workshops that help support the manufacturers and fill some gaps within the training field.   
Best of luck in July and, as always, don’t forget to seal the deal.