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Wrapping Up March 2019

Happy April everyone. I hope March was a busy one for you as it certainly was for The Wrap Institute. Here are the new videos released last month.

As you probably know, we launched our TWI Green = Green program. We are very excited about the chance to help the wrap industry create less waste, use more environmentally-friendly materials and cleaners, while at the same time increasing profits. We hope you really benefit from these videos throughout 2019 and beyond.

The ISA Wrap Experience in The Wrap Institute booth during the ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas April 24-26 is just around the corner. We are very, very excited about the contest and it looks like all 81 spots will be filled so its going to be full-on for the trainers – John Duever, Chad Parrish and Dimas Brasil. If you can make it to the booth, be sure to hit the times where we will be having prize giveaways. We will have the contest filmed and be doing some great additional videos so look for these in May.  

Lastly, mid-April we will be announcing a new program on The Wrap Institute which will help you get the best hands-on training worldwide so keep an eye out for this announcement.  

Thanks for your support and, as always, Never Stop Learning™.