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Wrapping Up May 2020

Hello everyone – I hope everyone has stayed safe and busy during May. Here are the videos that were released last month:

This month we have a very exciting video lineup. The first week focuses on an antimicrobial film from Hexis, and different places you can wrap it to increase profits. The Wrap Institute made the Official Product Video for them, so be sure to check out all those videos.

In June, we're starting an in-depth series on wrapping with chrome film. In this case, Rainer, Justin and Patrick will wrap a Porsche. The quality of the footage and info is super special and a must-watch. 

This month we also are launching The Never Stop Learning Online Wrap Contest. This is a modified version of the Never Stop Learning Contest we run at the ISA Sign Expo. Every Tuesday at 2:30 PM Central Time we'll post an image on Instagram of a wrapped object. You have to guess how long it took to wrap in the comment section. On Wednesday at 2:30 PM Central Time, TWI will post the video of Justin or Rainer wrapping that object. They'll give live commentary, so it's like a mini-workshop. Once the video is over, we will see who came closest to guessing the time, and the winner will get a super cool prize. So far, we have prize packages from PID PROSeries, Yellotools, 3M, Steinel, GSWF, ORAFOL™ and General Formulations. We hope you enjoy this contest and win one of the prizes!

Lastly, we are very happy to have hosted the first workshop at the TWI Center in Munich. This workshop was for Avery Dennison, and look out for us to host other workshops for a wide variety of manufacturers.

Thanks as always for being a member and Never Stop Learning!™