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Wrapping Up November 2019

Hello TWI members! I hope November was filled with happy clients and high quality installs. Here are the videos that dropped on TWI last month:

As you may already know, TWI and Nick Caminiti from Exotic Graphix teamed up on a super cool install in Melbourne mid-November. Nick and I have been brainstorming the event since last year’s TWI Live event at his shop. Joffrey van der Jagt happened to be in Australia at the same time, so for him to join the project made it even more special. At the end, for all the puzzle pieces to come together in the way that they did was too cool. Look for the Wrap Life video to drop in mid-December. It's going to be very special. Trust me.  

In early December TWI will be making a special announcement concerning our booth at the ISA Sign Expo in Orlando April 2-4. This announcement will include a sign up link for the Never Stop Learning™ contest which filled up very quickly last year so be sure to jump on that right away.

TWI is also very excited to announce that the first 2020 TWI Live event will be held at MetroWrapz in Miami on February 8th. I can’t share any of the details Bruno and I have been chatting about, but you can bet it's going to be over the top with cool installs and special guests. It’s a free event so be sure to plan it into your schedule. 

The videos in December are on point with lots of great tips and tricks. Be sure to check out the three-part series with Curvaceous Wraps focusing on her Nike MAG design. It's super special. From December 24th - January 1st, we will be taking a break for the holidays, so best wishes to everyone during this time. For January 2020, we already have a spectacular lineup with a lot of new changes for the videos and website which will make your TWI experience even more special.  

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As always, thanks for being a TWI member, and Never Stop Learning™!