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Dan's Design Distillery: Team-Based Workshop

What does it take to sell more design? How can you pivot your process to provide the client the best version of their brand?  Dan Antonelli, in conjunction with The Wrap Institute, can answer these questions and more in this team-based online webinar. The 4-hour workshop can accommodate as many people in your shop as you’d like, and is broken up into 3 central components:


  • Commercial Wrap Design:  Learn the six rules for effective wrap design: Design Fundamentals, Legibility, Branding, Color, Common Errors, Print/Production Tips, Working with Clients, Creative Briefs, Pitching, Trademarks and Pricing Strategies.
  • Marketing Your Shop for More Wrap Design:  Shop Appearance, Pricing, Social media, Sales Strategies, Website Design, Case Studies, Packaging for Add-ons, and a review of your current site with tips/suggestions for improvements.
  • Portfolio Review:  Here’s your chance to have your work reviewed and analyzed! Submit 15-20 wrap designs to be analyzed individually. By looking at your own work, we’ll identify areas of weakness and specific opportunities for improvement. Use this review to shorten your design time, give designs better ammunition to sell their designs to clients, and be overall more profitable.



  • Clients must speak English.
  • Dan recommends you read his book Building a Small Business Brand prior to your session.
  • Note that the session length specified above is your live time with your instructor. Your instructor will spend additional time before your call reviewing notes, design examples, etc. that you provide prior to your session.
  • You will be required to create an account to purchase a design session. However, you do not have to have an active subscription to The Wrap Institute to sign up for a design session.
  • We use Google Meet to facilitate most sessions. You do not have to have a Gmail account to access Google Meet. Please review the requirements for Meet here and make sure you have the capability to install and use Google Meet before purchasing. You must have access to a camera and microphone that are either part of the computer, or connected to the computer.
  • After you purchase a session, you will receive a confirmation email and your instructor will be notified. They will contact you directly via email to schedule your session.
Let us know your overall goals, what you'd like to work on as well as some available days/times.