Portable lights are important to have, especially when installing off-site where sufficient lighting can be unreliable. But in any situation bright, long-lasting lights that can be manuevered easily will come in handy. Spending $40-60 bucks now may save you hundreds (or thousands) down the line - lights help you with detailed cuts, small corners, seeing bubbles, noticing scratches, etc. They'll also come in handy if you drop a screw or bolt.

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TWI Overview
An overview of portable lights and how they can be used during an install. Portable lights are key for seeing the substrate in detail while wrapping, tinting or any other vinyl application...
Headlamp that produces a nice, wide, even light for detailed installs. It has 20 LEDs (360 Lumens) that wrap around the front half of the head to mirror the scope of typical peripherial vision. The headband...