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Wrap Design
Consultations + Workshops
The Wrap Institute is now offering personalized, virtual sessions for wrap designers who want to learn more about branding/advertising standards, increase design effectiveness, or troubleshoot problem areas. Take your designs (or your entire design team) to the next level.

Meet Dan Antonelli

Dan Antonelli is the first-ever Wrap Institute Endorsed Trainer for Design. He is the author of "Building a Small Business Brand", a leading industry expert on branding and wrap design, and is now available for private, one-on-one design consultations. His credentials include nearly 50 awards for commercial wrap design, over a dozen front cover appearances and 50+ published articles on wrap design in various trade magazines. He is also a frequent speaker at sign shows, teaching wrap design and marketing techniques to help shops be more profitable. Dan runs KickCharge Creative, a 20-person design agency in Washington, NJ.

Expert AdviceAccess to a wrap industry expert, leader in his field. You can’t find personalized consultation services like this anywhere else.
Customized ResultsWe use an interactive, web-based approach to learning about wrap design that allows you to ask questions, control the pace, and guide the session toward the topics you want to cover.
Raise ProfitsLearn to sell more design, design more efficiently, and become an expert marketing resource for your clients.




Recently my company participated in Dan Antonelli’s Design Distillery on The Wrap Institute and we could not be happier with the results.Dan has an uncanny ability to get right to the point in a very direct yet constructive way that not only compliments the work performed but critiques it in a way that is both eye opening and informative. Since we have taken the class, I estimate our revenue for...
John Duever
Vinyl Images
My 2 hour consultation with Dan was invaluable. He had the right questions to get to the root of issues I didn't realize I was facing. He went above and beyond to help with not only the effectiveness of my design, but strategies on better overall efficiency for our business. His wealth of knowledge and experience would surely benefit anyone working in the wrap industry.
E Hunt
Legacy Signs
Excellent presentation and well-thought-out ideas, backed by years of proven results! I loved the idea of selling/Designing for the Client, what their customers will be into; and building an entire Brand Promise package. Not just a vehicle wrap.
Robert Flanagan
AZ Pro
It is clear from Dan’s presentation that he speaks from a place of experience and has a wide breadth of knowledge on the subject area. For anyone looking to learn more about designing vehicle wraps, I can’t think of a more qualified teacher than Dan, who is clearly at the top of the food chain in the industry.
AZ Pro
Dan merged the practicality of brand development and production with the sensibility of the creative process in a way that is applicable to disciplines beyond just brand marketing. This was a fresh look at understanding just how effective logo development is and showed its place in visual communication. This was as validating as it was educational, and I would recommend this to any creative team.
AZ Pro
Dan, your passion for design is contagious. The training was well structured and engaging which made the experience both enjoyable and effective. We will definitely apply all that was learned in our creative process. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the team!
Thai Mucmurchy
AZ Pro
Clean text layouts, sharp characters, and perfect color combinations are Dan’s specialty. Before I met Dan, our art department was not bad, but now with a little input from him our art stands out even more, making it even easier to sell more jobs. Dan is a branding EXPERT! We chat often, not only about the brand we are working on, but also what it takes to provide top notch service!
Chad Brosseau
Fastlane Wraps

Why Work with Us?

Our interactive, workshop-style sessions offer the opportunity to enhance your wrap designs right from the comfort of your shop, office or couch. From the fundamentals of design to client integration and maximizing workflow and profits, our design consultation service is more than a session - it’s an investment.
Effective Wrap DesignLearn what takes a design from good to great, from the fundamentals of design to legibility, branding, and color.
Problem SolvingExplore common errors, get print and production tips, and review case studies to learn how to anticipate and solve issues that arise with wrap design.
Faster DeliveryDeliver designs to your clients faster by refining the exploratory phase of your design process and increasing efficiency.
Portfolio ReviewSubmit 15-20 wrap designs to be analyzed individually. By reviewing your work, we’ll identify areas of weakness and specific opportunities for improvement.
Working with ClientsLearn about pitching your designs, sales strategies, tips for mocking up wrap designs, creative briefs and packaging for add-ons.
Market Your ShopPosition your shop to sell more design work by updating your shop’s appearance, social media approach, website design, and pricing strategies.

Wrap Design Consultation Sessions

Invest in your future with a personalized, customizable design consultation session. Meet with Dan one-on-one to get specific critiques on your own work, problem-solve, and ask questions, or bring your entire team with you to have their collective work critiqued and learn about teamwork, productivity and efficiency in wrap design.
DESIGN PROJECT CONSULTATION$3501-Hour SessionThis one- or two-hour workshop is customizable, but will revolve around design analyzation, a detailed work-through of designs, and a personal Q&A session.

$600 for 2 hours
WRAP DESIGN WEBINARS$49-991-Hour SessionLive webinar broadcast

Interactive design seminar on hot topics

Note that the session length specified above is your live time with your instructor. Your instructor will spend additional time before your call reviewing notes, design examples, etc. that you provide prior to your session. You will be required to create an account to purchase a design session. However, you do not have to have an active subscription to The Wrap Institute to sign up for a design session.

We use Google Meet to facilitate most sessions. You do not have to have a gmail account to access Meet. Please review the requirements for Meet here and make sure you have the capability to install and use Google Meet before purchasing. After you purchase a session, you will receive a confirmation email and your instructor will be notified. They will contact you directly via email to schedule your session.