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Wrapscon 2019

Event Details

Customize, Protect and Inspire


Take a Wrapcation and visit The Wrap Institute booth during the 2019 Wrapscon show in Long Beach, CA from August 15-17! Enjoy a beautiful California sunset at night while, during the day, checking out great wrap demos and getting a chance to get hands-on with chrome and color change wrap film, PPF, tint, stripes, ceramic coatings, visualizers, the latest tools and much more! Whether you are a beginner looking to try out material or an advanced installer looking to see the latest and greatest products, The Wrap Institute booth is your spot.


We will announce our sponsor line up soon which includes some of the leading manufacturers in the wrap business. Their materials and tools will be free to use in the booth and many of their lead tech reps will be on hand to answer questions.


This year, along with demonstrations from Justin Pate, we will have guest installers and speakers on hand to give advice and training like Dimas Brasil, Shareef Khan from SS Customs, Tiago Teixeira from Sekanskin, Kevin Kempf from PG Nola, Andy Soleimani from Sticker City, Adam Cote from Ceramic Pro and many more!


Learn how to wrap deeper, upsell, protect and customize which is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sides of the wrap industry! Register today!