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We're proud to announce that we won the 2019 award for "Best Wrap Product Brand" at the WWWRAP party during SEMA! We want to thank all of our members for supporting The Wrap Institute, and allowing us to do what we love, and provide a neutral platform that delivers quality wrap education and cutting-edge techniques from around the world.
The Wrap Institute is your one-stop resource for learning how to wrap. No more searching piecemeal for videos that may or may not show correct techniques. We have the most comprehensive and informative video library on wrapping in the world. Sign up today and Never Stop Learning!™
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What I like about it is I can pretty much log in any time of the day. If I have a question, maybe on an antenna wrap or something I've actually encountered a problem with, I can just log in and look at the different techniques and how to attack them really clean(ly) and strong(ly).
After about three weeks, the guy that was supposed to train me in the industry disappeared. It was a lot of long nights and a lot of Wrap Institute videos. It was basically watch a video, wrap it, mess it up, rip it off, watch the video again and figure out what I didn't pick up. That was the first 12 to 18 months of my business - Wrap Institute.
I just had an amazing experience here at The Wrap Experience - I wrapped cut vinyl. I have lots of years of experience, but I learned a few, little tricks that were amazing and are going to speed us up and help us on our installs. I love The Wrap Institute, I've been a member for about 5 years now, and it's our go-to for training.
Your videos have helped me improve my technique and quality. There have been a few late nights where I can't contact any fellow wrappers, and I'll search TWI and 95% of the time I can find a video to help me where I may struggle a little or need a different perspective I may not have been thinking about.
When in doubt, you need to visit The Wrap Institute. There’s no doubt about it. When you have a car, and you’re stuck and figuring out how to do it the right way and and how to get the customer to come back, you need to go to The Wrap Institute. They’re going to show you the right way, not like in Youtube videos where people just show you real quick, he’s going to show you in-depth how to do it...
Every time I watch one of these videos it changes the way I wrap. The best service to learn easy install and really clever tricks. @wrapinstitute
Kyle Menard
Wrap Jax
#cantstopwontstop Many people ask me for tips and tricks and how I do this or that.. The answer is simple @wrapinstitute @justinpatewrapper took me from a window tinter PPF installer to noppswraps. Its worth it. Buy a 6 month subscription and become a sponge. That's what I did. #Rippaint #eatsleepwrap #neverstoplearning
The Wrap Institute is a powerful tool; we use it on a regular basis. Just recently we had a job doing our first chrome wrap on a 911 Porsche race car. We understood that chrome does not install quite like regular vinyl and were very concerned how we would complete this job without wasting hundreds of dollars in chrome. We went straight to The Wrap Institute website and looked for videos using...
Heath Asman
This wrap was a nice challenge as the customer was very skeptical. No whitening, no wrinkles and a nice clean application. We parked it in front of our shop after we were done and 4 new clients came to us thanks to this wrap - it's a money/client magnet and a great affirmation for us. With the great tutorials from TWI we did it and we did it right!
Jose Suastez
SD Media
You guys are doing a great job and my knowledge base has grown exponentially since joining TWI as a premium member, which has given me the confidence to go after larger and more profitable jobs. TWI has helped grow my business from a five figure to a six figure annual sales company in less than a year. Many thanks to The Wrap Institute from a very happy customer!
Justin DePretis
InkDrop Graphics & DePretis Designs
I'm hooked on this wrap institute, how do I buy a lifetime membership?
Yan Marx
I’m so happy I found your website, it has made our installs better than ever and we can’t get enough at our shop. Thank you Wrap Institute for bringing Justin into our shop through your website.
Jon Crown
I recently joined The Wrap Institute and I think it is really great! Being from Australia there is not much help and training around so I have found it very useful! …. Thank you heaps! …. I appreciate it and your website it is great!
Luke Bentley
I really like The Wrap Institute and I believe in it 100%. At our shop, we use TWI ourselves in our Monday meetings where we tend to take one or two videos and watch them together and then talk about it in a group. It gets the conversation started and new ideas pop up. Keep up the good work!
Simón Polakof
City Sign
Not only has The Wrap Institute been EXTREMELY helpful for me as someone new to this industry, it has saved me literally thousands of dollars because I don't have to pay another expert to teach me the techniques that you cover in your videos!
Joe Nasr
COVER UP Solution
Without TWI videos I would not be here. I wouldn't have approval from this industry and I can't thank Justin and you guys enough for what you've done for me.
Derek Rewuki
Before I joined The Wrap Institute, it would take me one year to get a new installer up to the level required for me to be comfortable with allowing them to wrap on their own. Since I started using TWI videos, I have seen this training time cut in half.
Brad Rapone
It's a wonderful and valuable investment for my shop.
Sean Tomlin
Designer Wraps

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