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Justin Pate and Scott Bechtel founded the Wrap Institute in the fall of 2013. Justin, a seasoned and passionate wrap instructor, envisioned a new way to learn about wrapping - accessible to all, without the costs and coordination of attending an in-person workshop. Scott, an entrepreneur and wrap enthusiast with a shop of his own, had the same idea of creating an online platform for learning how to wrap when it came time to train newly-hired installers. His shop's schedule was packed and it put a strain on his manpower to slow down production to catch an unseasoned installer up to speed. But there were no other options, a comprehensive training resource just didn't exist.


Justin and Scott were introduced in 2010. As they talked, they eventually realized their shared interest in developing an online learning platform for wrapping... and even better, had each purchased a domain name for the idea. One of them purchased, and the other purchased There was no debating the name, and very soon after they got to work curating video ideas and site components to build what you now know as The Wrap Institute.


The site operates with one main objective - to help improve the wrap installation industry worldwide by providing access to tips, tools and techniques that result in efficient installations, high-quality wraps and professional results. TWI is committed to delivering 100-percent neutral content so that the platform remains driven by learning, without any hidden agendas.


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    I recently joined The Wrap Institute and I think it is really great! Being from Australia there is not much help and training around so I have found it very useful! …. Thank you heaps! …. I appreciate it and your website it is great! LukeLuke Bentley SignPro
    I really like The Wrap Institute and I believe in it 100%. At our shop, we use TWI ourselves in our Monday meetings where we tend to take one or two videos and watch them together and then talk about it in a group. It gets the conversation started and new ideas pop up. Keep up the good work! SimónSimón Polakof City Sign
    Not only has The Wrap Institute been EXTREMELY helpful for me as someone new to this industry, it has saved me literally thousands of dollars because I don't have to pay another expert to teach me the techniques that you cover in your videos! JoeJoe Nasr COVER UP Solution
    Without TWI videos I would not be here. I wouldn't have approval from this industry and I can't thank Justin and you guys enough for what you've done for me. DerekDerek Rewuki
    Before I joined The Wrap Institute, it would take me one year to get a new installer up to the level required for me to be comfortable with allowing them to wrap on their own. Since I started using TWI videos, I have seen this training time cut in half. BradBrad Rapone TradeWraps
    It's a wonderful and valuable investment for my shop. SeanSean Tomlin Designer Wraps