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Since January 2014, we've set our sights on becoming the world's most reliable, cutting-edge resource for learning how to wrap. Our mission is simple: provide an unbiased platform for users to discover the most efficient techniques and tools for wrapping.


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Our captive audience is a marketer's dream. When it comes to reaching the wrap industry's most desirable audience, TWI is the most opportune place to go. Our members pay to be on the site which means each one is uniquely engaged in our content and are dedicated learners. Seventy-percent of our members are returning to the site to watch videos four or more days each week.

Pre-roll Commercials
Let us do the work. With an average of five new videos each week, we're providing fresh content and constantly driving people to our site. If you're looking to reach more installers and wrap shops, our pre-roll commercials are the way to go. Each video in our database begins with a "no click away" advertisement - which means we can guarantee your message will be heard. We offer pre-roll commercials with international or regional options. Pricing is cost-per-view (or, impression).
Product Videos & Promotional Media
Wrap Institute Productions (a division of The Wrap Institute) has delivered over 150 projects for companies all over the world. Our product videos and promotional media are made to highlight products, materials and tools in an appealing way for both companies and consumers. As longstanding members of the wrap industry, we provide a unique perspective and an approachable communication style that translates into higher profits and added brand loyalty for our clients. We'll save you valuable time and resources via our turnkey process - you provide the information and guidelines, and we do the rest. The final product video, promotional video and/or photos are owned by the manufacturer and can be utilized on any platform. Product videos will also be placed in The Wrap Institute's "Tools + Resources" library at no extra cost. Click to view Product Video Showcase(request password from team member).
Your business deserves to be recognized. On The Wrap Institute’s Directory page, we can help your brand make an impression. Our directory page is full of companies from across the globe who provide premiere wrap equipment, and our members look to us when deciding who to buy from. By purchasing an ad in the Directory section of our site, you have a guaranteed spot on the page, as well as your logo, linked to any page of your site you want. We’ll do the work for you, all you’ll have to do is send a high-res image of your logo, and the link to where you want our members to go.
Get your tools, materials, products and/or services in front of our wrap community by collaborating with us on exclusive offers/discounts, events and trade shows. Members-only discounts are featured in our Shop and available for our members to access at any time. We put a priority on filming at events and trade shows, so your contribution will continue to get exposure through our video library. Your audience is waiting, let us reach them.