Adhesive Promoters

Adhesive promoters are used to help vinyl adhere better to surfaces with low surface-energy. Boats (fiberglass), primered/rusted surfaces, and damaged areas are a few examples that would qualify as surfaces with "low surface-energy". Adhesive promoters come in different forms (check out the overview video below to see the different types). Keep in mind that while adhesive promoters are sometimes necessary, they will affect the surface longterm and can be extremely difficult to remove once applied.

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TWI Overview
An overview of different adhesive promoter products and when + how to use them. Although it isn't necessary to use adhesive promoter on a daily basis, it is a valuable tool to have on-hand for certain...
This product is used to increase adhesion for wrap films on low surface-energy surfaces (fiberglass, wood, plastics, etc) and complex vehicle contours. Keep in mind that Primer 94 can increase the...