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Backing Paper Cutters

Backing paper cutters are essential for removing the paper backing off self-adhesive vinyl. Attempting to remove backing paper with a regular cutting tool can easily result in damaged graphics. These tools are especially useful when wrapping composite hoods or roofs on which magnets won't work.

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In this video, the new liner from 3M for its Wrap Film Series 1080 is explained in terms of how it has changed and the positive effects it has on color change installs
TWI Overview
An overview of a variety of tools that help installers safely remove sections of backing paper without cutting into the vinyl/film. Backing paper cutters are epecially useful when wrapping composite...
The Olfa Top Sheet/Liner Cutter is a tool used to safely cut away backing paper so that sections of it can be removed during installs, which makes it easier to initially place a panel. This...