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Cleaning Tools

Thoroughly cleaning and prepping a vehicle's surface prior to wrapping is vitally important. Cleaning can make the difference between profit and loss, long-term durability and a costly re-install, and affect your reputation as an installer. Here are a few tools to keep in your shop and/or in your toolbag. 

The Wrap Institute is an unbiased platform and our content is not influenced by any specific company or product. At the request of wrap manufacturers, distributors, and businesses, we’re proud to support the wrap industry by producing high-quality demonstration and instructional videos. We’ve selected a number of these to be included in our video library. These videos are for informational purposes only and do not imply an endorsement.
TWI Overview
Justin gives an overview of air compressors both for in the shop and portable that can play an important role in prepping vehicles as well as removing dust for regular signage.
TWI Overview
An overview on paper towels and microfiber towels: what to think about in terms of when and where to use them, what kind to choose as well as how to care for them in order to get the best, long-term results....
Portable power washers help sign shops and installers save a lot of time and money when prepping a variety of objects like buildings and vehicles for installs. They also help reduce the need to use harsh...
Justin gives an overview of tack cloths - where to use them, price points and storage.  Great tool for removing tiny specs of dirt that can lower quality if not addressed before an install.
A clay bar is used to remove dust, dirt, industrial fallout, acid raid, and other contaminants from a car's exterior surfaces. These particles stick to the clay when it is rubbed along the car's...
TWI Overview
This is a TWI overview of spray bottles which covers the essential basics of what an installer needs to consider with spray bottles in order to get the right one that works best on a day to day basis for the...
TWI Overview
The scratchless sponge cleans and removes grime from vehicles safely without leaving scratches or damaging the surface.
Isopropyl alcohol is an essential product to have on hand while prepping and degreasing substrates prior to wrapping. Shop the products you see in this video by clicking the links under "Shop + More...
Prep your shop for installs or clean up spills with this floor squeegee. Use it to remove liquids from floors (even uneven floors and grout lines).
This is an official product video for the POD 2.0 Steamer that is sold in partnership with Image One Impact. The video covers all aspects involved in using the steamer from set up, attachments, uses in a wrap...