IR Heaters

An infrared heater is a hands-free heating tool that is helpful during wrap removals, post-heating, and while installing vinyl over extreme compound curves, chunky bumpers and steep drop-off sections. IR Heaters tend to warm vinyl at a slower, more thorough rate than the concentrated heat from a heat gun so they are ideal when dealing with large sections of vinyl. Clicking on one of the tools below will take you to a free video in which Justin will give a detailed overview of the tool, as well as install demonstrations so you can see not only how the tool works, but how to make it work in the most efficient way for you.

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TWI Overview
An overview of infrared heaters which are useful for post-heating large sections of a wrap, warming the film when using the pre-stretch technique (on bumpers for example), and for wrap removals.Watch...
The Hot Shot IR Heater is a freestanding heating element that allows you to keep your hands involved in the install, not on a heat gun. This heater produces wide, soft heat that thoroughly warms the vinyl...