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Endorsed Trainers

As the wrap industry expands, there are more and more trainers teaching hands-on workshops. This can make it difficult for people to differentiate between a highly-qualified instructor and one who has insufficient teaching and install experience. Unqualified instructors lead to significant losses and frustration - both in the short term, by wasting money, and in the long term, by instilling poor techniques and misinformation.

While the Wrap Institute does not provide hands-on workshops, we do support the programs of all credible manufacturers worldwide. Within this network, we proudly highlight a handful of instructors that fit criteria that exemplifies our slogan, Never Stop Learning ™.

Learning from or working with a TWI Endorsed Trainer means you will receive top-level instruction using the best method possible, without influence from any outside brand, product or service. TWI adheres to a strict neutral stance, with no hidden agenda to push sales of any type. TWI Endorsed Trainers are always working to improve their craft using new techniques and tools, and are constantly modifying and enhancing their trainings to remain cutting-edge.

All TWI Endorsed Trainers have been hand-selected and meet the following criteria:

  • Five or more years of installation experience working in a wrap shop or as a freelance installer using full-print and color change on a wide variety of applications including walls, windows, floors and vehicles.
  • Certified trainer with one or more manufacturers
  • Holds one or more certifications with at least two wrap film manufacturers.
  • Outstanding reputation within the wrap industry that includes unequivocal respect from peers/manufacturers.
  • Have completed one or more sign show demonstrations in a manufacturer's booth.
  • Have taught 10 or more hands-on workshops per calendar year for a wrap film manufacturer for over three years.
Charlie Trujillo

Charlie Trujillo is the CEO of Lettering Express, a vinyl wrap and branding shop that has been serving Oklahoma City since 1988. Trujillo has been involved in the industry since childhood, helping out at his parents' shop and eventually pursuing his passion for vinyl application. He spent his 20s perfecting his craft and earned numerous certifications, including Avery Dennison Certified, 3M Preferred Installer, Arlon Wrap it Right Certified, and Orafol Certified Installer, among others.

Trujillo's expertise has been recognized by industry groups such as Masters of Branding and Paint is Dead, and he has received accolades such as the OKCYP Verizon Award in 2019 and the ISA Elite in 2019. In 2021, Trujillo was invited to become a trainer for Avery Dennison North America, joining the ranks of esteemed professionals such as Justin Pate, John Duever, and Chad Parrish. With his extensive experience and passion for the industry, Trujillo and his team are committed to delivering the highest quality vinyl wraps and branding solutions to his clients at Lettering Express.

  • Avery Dennison Certified
  • 3M Fleet Graphics
  • 3M Windows Walls Floors
  • 3M Architectural
  • 3M Color Change
  • Arlon Wrap it Right Certified
  • Arlon Certified Applicator
  • Orafol Certified
  • Lowen Certified
  • PDAA Certified
  • Masters of Branding Member
  • Paint is Dead Member
Chad Parrish

Chad Parrish, President of Graphiti, began his career in 1998 working in a local digital print shop where he found himself running a vinyl plotter and installing vehicle graphics. It wasn’t long after, he got his hands tangled in vinyl, learning different materials, what each of those materials could do, and which ones were best for what applications. During that time he earned his bachelors in business, with a focus on marketing.

It was during this time his passion grew strong while the vehicle wrap industry began to evolve. Since then he has continued his passion, focusing on subcontracted installs for numerous companies, along with adding vehicle wrap training for different manufacturers and distributors, including working side-by-side with Justin Pate (The Wrap Institute) and John Duever (Vinyl Images) for Avery Dennison’s Wrap Training Programs.

  • 3M Authorized Trainer
  • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
  • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Installer
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  • Arlon Wrap It Right Installer
  • Arlon Certified Applicator
  • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
  • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Trainer
  • XPEL Certified Paint Protection Films Installer
Mantas Juozapaitis

I have been applying various types of films on a hyper cars, super cars and all range of all cars. That being said, I've collected a priceless amount of experience in my time wrapping. There are so many different decisions that have to be made while wrapping to ensure high quality success - speed, quality, durability, problem solving, sales, customer care and etc. I can teach you all of this as a TWI Endorsed Trainer.

There are no 'Jokers' hidden in my pocket, you will learn every step to become better and stronger installer in color change wraps, paint protection film, window tint installs and overall strategy for your business. My goal is to help you or your team grow and become inspired individuals. There is nothing more valuable than installer, who has confidence to make series of decisions by his own. Final result - faster, more durable and good looking application, more profits. I have been traveling across the local and international wrap shops, meeting different installers, people - from different continents, regions. The only reason i did that - is to figure out many unknowns and knowns, to confirm what is true what is false, what is good what is bad. That helped me to develop best possible application methods for high quality, long-term durability, speed, and profit. I've owned my wrap shop since 2015, and I attended FESPA 2018 and 2019 and was in their wrap demo booth. In addition, I won 2nd place in the Norwegian Wrapping Championship in 2016.

  • 3M Endorsed Graphics installer
  • Avery Dennison SI2
  • CeramicPRO Certified
  • GTechniq Certified
  • LLumar Certified Trainer PPF & TINT
Marcos Pereira

Marcos brings a new excitement to the ORAFOL professional training classes in 2019. Working daily within his own company, on commercial, and custom projects, Marcos applies a very real world approach to training, not only sharing what you need to know about installations, but what customers are looking for in your shop, and the services you offer.

Marcos brings over a decade of wrap, and vinyl application experience, and nearly every manufacturer certification that exists. Additionally a founding member and current board member, of Paint is Dead, an active member of Masters of Branding, and now a partner in ORAFOL’s professional training classes, Marcos is excited to bring his experience to wrap training classes across the Americas. Knowledge, experience, and a practical approach to learning, all wrapped up in a class built for the most qualified installers in the industry!

  • 3M Advanced Graphics Installer
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  • Arlon Wrap It Right Installer
  • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
  • Ceramic Pro Certified Installer
  • M.O.B. Member
  • Paint is Dead Member
  • Orafol Certified Vehicle Wrap Installer
  • Wrapify Certified Installer
Tobias Ziegler

My Interest in vehicles and engines began in childhood. After school, I began an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. My interest in the permanent transformation of vehicles brought me to the topic of car wrapping. We received the first training at INTAX in Oldenburg and then wrapped some private vehicles. In 2011, the Folien-Factory GmbH was founded and offered car wrapping, detailing, and tinting.

 After a few more training sessions, I was able to get to know Rainer Lorz as a trainer and quickly realized that there are other cool and very interested guys in the wrapping area. Rainer encouraged me to complete the Avery Si installer.
Through further joint projects and videos, it became clear how much fun it is to show others your knowledge and to see how you can grow together and how everyone can develop further.
It became very clear when the topic of detailing and PPF became more and more connected.
We have been dealing with the topics PPF and Detailing for many years. And we can now pass on our experience to anyone who is interested.
It's nice to see the more you show or teach others, the more you can learn from others.
That's what I like the most in the PPF/Wrapping area.
Together and supporting one another.
In addition to the daily business in the shop. I give training in the PPF and support the guys in the center in Munich with their videos as much as possible.

  • XPEL Authorized Installer
  • Avery Spezialist Installer Level 1&2
  • GEWA Certifed
  • SONAX Authorized Detailer

Adam Sumner

I started off in print industry working for my Dad in an offset printing business.  My dad is the one that really got me going watching him, and learning from him, over the years has been the best thing for me and my business. He pushed me and taught me everything he knew about running a print shop and when we opened up Wrapix Imaging he has been there every step of the way. 

  I still get the honor of working with him each day as he spends countless hours at the shop helping the whole team get projects out the door.  In 2013 after teaching at a trade school in San Diego, training students in vehicle wrap installation. I made the trip to 3M in Saint Paul after being asked to become a 3M Authorized trainer. In 2014 I opened up Wrapix Academy a 3M Authorized training facility and have been teaching the 3M Advanced Installer Training and 3M Preferred Installer Testing in Burbank, Ca.  I love teaching people how to apply graphics. This industry has opened up so many doors for me and my family, and being able to share my love of graphic installation and the printing industry with people all over the world, has been the best part about being a trainer.

  • 3M Authorized Trainer
  • 3M Authorized Tester
  • 3M Certified PPF Installer
  • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
  • 3M Knifeless Tape Endorsed Installer
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  • M.O.B. Member
Noriaki Ito

Noriaki Ito is an installation specialist that has wrapped over 20,000 vehicles throughout his career. Based on his many experiences, he teaches wrapping workshops all over the country as an instructor, and is always willing to learn the most efficient way to wrap.

  • 3M 4STAR Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer
  • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
  • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Trainer
  • Hexis Gold Installer
Rainer Lorz

Rainer began his journey as a professional wrapper 18 years ago. In 2003, he began his own wrapping business, and two years later, began tinting as well. In 2016, Rainer became an Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer for wrapping, and two years later, became an Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer for both tinting and PPF. At this time in his life, he also began making videos for The Wrap Institute and became a Masters of Branding member. Furthermore, he has been merited 3M DiNoc and GEWA certifications.

In addition to being a certified trainer, he is an Avery Dennison Specialist Installer and an Avery Dennison Specialist Converter. Rainer is driven by the desire is to link what people achieve and what they believe they deserve, and his passion is to inspire and empower others by helping them discover their potential.

  • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
  • Avery Dennison Certified Specialist Converter
  • Avery Dennison Certified Specialist Installer
  • Avery Dennison Certified Specialist Trainer (Wrapping, Tinting, PPF)
  • GEWA Certified
Ivan Tenchev

Ivan Tenchev from Bulgaria, 30 years old, proud father of two beautiful daughters. I have been dealing with automotive foil since I was 17 years old (already 13 years of experience).

It is a real pleasure for me to do my dream job and I am hungry for development. I am the owner of a car wrapping company based in the city of Varna (Bulgaria) and I deal with wrapping cars with foil, placing protective foil and tinting car windows. Since 2019 I am a certified trainer and I deal with individual and group trainings, tests and certification of installers. For the last few years I have been traveling mostly to train people in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Israel, Morocco and several countries in Europe. In 2023, I also started to be a judge at Fespa competitions.

  • 3M Preferred Installer/Trainer
  • 3M Endorsed architectural film Installer/Trainer
  • 3M Endorsed automotive window film Installer/Trainer
  • 3M knifeless tape Installer
  • 3M Endorsed Paint Protection film Installer/Trainer
  • Certified installer Xpel protective film and window film
  • Global window film installer
  • Avery denison CWI

  • Fespa Eurasia Champion 2016/17/18/19
  • Fespa World Final Champion 2018/22
  • Hexis Battle Champion Turkey 2016
  • Hexis battle world champion 2017
  • Olympics 2018 - 2nd place
  • Fespa European Competition 2021 - 2nd place
  • 3M Bulgaria 2017 2nd place
  • Fast shrink glass 2018 - 2nd place
  • Cee Wrap Masters 3rd place 2016

Kiss Lajos

I'm Kiss Lajos or, for a lot of people, just Kiss or Luigi. I started as a signmaker for a small company in Sopron in 2000 after finishing school. Working there three years I learned a lot, fell in love with the profession and it became my passion. Then I became self-employed, and I was always starving for new information to make my skills better and better.

To push my quality higher, I was visiting trainings, traveled to exhibitions, competed in many competitions, watched a lot of videos and of course, practiced a lot. After so much practice and work, when I won my first title in Barcelona 2012, I was offered the opportunity to hold a couple of trainings in our capital by a distributor company. That was the first taste I had of how it was to be a trainer. After winning the World Wrap Masters Final in 2015, I started to work with Avery Dennison as a trainer for the Eastern European region. My goal is now to help as many wrappers as I can to teach them how to wrap smart, safe and with an outstanding quality. And to help people communicate to the public that wraps are not a cheap solution - wraps maintain or add extra value to vehicles and many other substrates. Hope to see you in one of my classes. Keep wrapping and Never Stop Learning ;)


  • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
  • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Installer
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  • Avery SI2
  • Avery ST


  • 2012 Barcelona - Wrap Masters, 1st Place
  • 2013 London - Wold Wrap Masters Final, 3rd Place
  • 2013 London - Wold Wrap Masters Final Team Competition (with Mingo Richter), 1st Place
  • 2014 Munchen - World Wrap Masters Final, 1st Place
  • 2015 Cologne - World Wrap Masters Final, 1st Place
  • 2017 Los Angeles - Wrap Olympics Team Competition (with Istvan Hargittai), 1st Place
  • 2019 Dusseldorf - Nations Cup Team USA (Hungry Americans), 2nd Place
Phil Aquin

I am trainer for 3M U.S. and Canada. My career in the sign industry spans almost his entire lifetime, as he began helping his father weeding, masking, install vinyl graphic/wraps, automotive window film, and paint protection films at the tender age of 13. The 30 years in the industry, I’ve worked with Country Signs, Adhere Graphics in Winnipeg, and has spent nine years helping to develop 3M Knifeless Tapes techniques.

Being a 3M Authorized Trainer and developing other training programs with 3M the past 4 years has been a dream come true. Helping others understand the fundamentals of graphics and wrap installation is a passion that continues to grow within me.  During my time with 3M, I’ve traveled the world, demonstrating Knifeless Tapes and vehicle wraps at graphic shows, 3M facilities, and owners’ shops.

  • 3M Authorized Graphics Trainer
  • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Trainer
  • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Trainer
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  • 1st Place at FESPA 2014
  • Sign Media Magazine
  • Wraps Magazine
Patrick Weiser

I’m coming from screenprinting where my father has his own company. One day I decided to wrap my car because a paint job was to expensive for me. It turned out better than I expected. Then some friends came and wanted some wraps on their cars. Its gonna be more and more so I decided in 2012 to start my own wrapping business.

After some years of wrapping I decided to make the Avery Specialist Installer Certification. It was a super experience for me and I could help some other students with my knowledge. This was the moment I realized itt would be super cool being a trainer. On a roadshow I met Rainer Lorz, in the near future of this show I booked a training with him. The year after we went together to the Wetec show in Stuttgart where I met all the Avery guys. In 2019 I got a call if I am interested to become a Mactac trainer! What a question! For sure! ;) Right now I am doing trainings for Mactac and sometimes I help the guys in the center with videos, shows and a lot of other stuff. What I love in the industry, is the different kind of people you met and how can work partners become special friends! All over the world!

  • 3M Di-Noc Endorsed Installer
  • Avery Specialist Installer Level 2
  • GEWA Certified
  • Mactac Certified Trainer
Jürgen EIDT

I was born in 1963 in Reutlingen, Germany, and by 1978, I had learned how to be a store window dresser. In 1992, I started the signmaker company "Werbe-Team," and did my first car wrapping job in 2005. Just 4 years later in 2009, I participated at the first European Wrap Star and got 2nd place.

We all had a great time and established contacts in the wrap world. This contest was a huge step to where I stand now. In 2010, I began my career as a car wrap trainer in Germany and Switzerland. I first and foremost train beginner and professional with 3M material, but I also train other vinyls at various dealerships or in-house when requested. Wer aufgehört hat dazuzulernen, hat aufgehört gut zu sein!

  • 2009 Vizeeuropameister im Car-Wrapping
  • 2009 Guinness World Record fastest full body car wap
  • 2012 Trainer-Member of Wrap-School Germany
  • 2015 Member of Team Germany in USA, Orlando American Wrap Star
  • 3M Select Partner
  • 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphic Installer and Trainer
  • 3M Endorsed Architectural Graphic Installer and Trainer
  • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Accredited Installer and Trainer
  • Avery Dennison Specialist Installer 1&2
  • GEWA Certification and GEWA Judgement
Stéphane Barret

I was born in 1973 and started work in 1991 when I joined the Paris fire department. There, I learned to serve others and built my character. In 1996, I joined a large communications company in Paris and learned to pose on the job. This experience highlights something that became important later on in my life, the fact that nobody questions the installer, but rather, assumes the vinyl is the issue.

One of the most important things an installer needs to know is an in-depth knowledge of what they’re working with and how to work with it. This was highlighted in my first meeting and training with Avery Dennison. From this experience, and after 10 years of working in application, I decided to open my own agency. I opened it in 2007 and developed “Noir Mat.f” with the effect of more than 1,500 covers. This results in total control of the products and the installation. In my opinion, certainty, experience and knowledge are always the solution. I’ve been a trainer for Avery Dennison for more than 20 years, and I’m trained in a multitude of different techniques and vinyls such as PPF, Hexis, 3M, Di-Noc and Coala Interior Film. Stéphane becoming a TWI Endorsed Trainer and The Wrap Institute France in order to share my experience through physical and virtual training. After having created specific training modules on vehicles, the essentials of adhesive, PPF and tinted windows, the new challenge will be architectural interior decoration where the installation technique, even if slightly different, remains accessible to all wrappers for development in other areas of the adhesive.

  • 3M DI-NOC Architectural Installer
  • 3M Knifeless Installer
  • 3M véhicules graphic installer
  • Avery SWF Vehicle Graphics Trainer, Belgium
  • Avery SWF Vehicle Graphics Trainer, France
  • Avery SWF Vehicle Graphics Trainer, Switzerland
  • Avery Architectural Windows Training
  • Avery Architectural Tint windows training spécialiste
  • Avery facade film training spécialiste
  • Avery SPX PPF Training spécialiste
  • Avery véhicule tint Windows training spécialiste
  • Coala interior film training spécialiste
  • Cover sty’l training spécialiste architectural décoration filme
  • Cover sty’l training paint protection film
  • Hexis Bodyfence installers
  • Dan Bulat

    I started in the graphic business 30 years ago as a one-man business. After graduating from college with a BA in Graphic Design and Business, I decided to turn my two passions into a business by combining graphic design and vehicles. From the very beginning, the majority of work coming in was for signs and banners. However, that didn't stop me from continuing to pursue the vehicle market. I tirelessly taught myself to install lettering and graphics on vehicles.

    Working toward my main goal of opening my own shop, I moved the business out of my house, purchased a brand-new building and continued building what has now become Element Graphics and Design, Inc., a successful graphics shop specializing in fleet vehicles located in the suburbs of Chicago. I have a full-time staff of graphic designers and installers. In 2015 I started a wrap tool company called Magstrapz. I am the creator of Magstrapz, Magbandz and MagGripz wrapping tools. I saw a need for these products in my own shop and felt that the industry would benefit from them as well. Today, Magstrapz are being sold to wrappers worldwide. My passion for the industry brought me to become involved with all aspects related to growing and educating the wrapping industry.

    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • Orafol Certified Instructor
    • Orafol Certified Vehicle Wrap Installer
    • United Application Standards Group Member
    Rafal Zmuda

    In 1999, I tinted my first car. Since then, I’ve been living a dream I didn’t even know I had. By working different jobs in Canada over the years, window tinting became my first dream that eventually turned into a passion. In 2005, I moved back to Poland and started a window tinting and car wrap business out of a small garage that barely fit a car inside.

    Over the next 10 years, I kept working to become better and better at the thing I loved so much. Finally, I came across wrap and tinting training, and even with so much experience under my belt, I couldn’t believe how much more I had to learn. In 2015, I took my next huge step when I came across the 3M Endorsed Installer Certification program. I realized I would love to share my experience with others and I went to 3M U.S. in St. Paul to become an Authorized Trainer and Tester. I was officially audited and in 2016, The Wrap Center training and testing facility was established. Having the opportunity to teach and share my experience while traveling around the world to work with industry professional is such an honor. I am also part of M.O.B., another honor that is like family to me. On this path, I’ve met so many people with great personalities and passions for our industry. It is such a privilege to be part of the TWI Endorsed Trainers team, where we can share our experiences, help the good get better, and Never Stop Learning.

    • 3M 4STAR Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer
    • 3M Advanced Graphics Installer
    • 3M Authorized Trainer
    • 3M Authorized Tester
    • 3M Certified PPF Installer
    • 3M Certified PPF Trainer
    • 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes Training
    • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
    • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Installer
    • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Trainer
    • 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer
    • 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Trainer
    • 3M Graphics Authorized Training & Testing Facility
    • 3M Graphics Authorized Trainer & Tester
    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • 3M Preferred Graphics Trainer
    • M.O.B. Member
    • XPEL Certified Paint Protection Films Installer
    Mike Szwacki

    Over 20 years in the vinyl industry, right from the bottom in a production room with lots of weeding (don’t miss that at all :) ) slowly progressing into different applications and finally vehicles from bicycles and scooters through cars, vans, buses into boats etc. Professionally educated in graphic design which helps me to design wraps the way they should be.

    After moving to the UK in 2005, working for different sign and wrap companies and finally, since 2010, running my own wrap shop - MEK WRAP SQUAD - in Middlesbrough (North East England).Currently concentrating on high quality colour change wraps and PPF on high end cars but also completing big commercial fleets. Early years in the business being a freelancer for many “big names” all over Europe (mainly Netherlands and Germany) has taught me a lot. Also taking part in many European competitions - 2015 3rd place at European Wrap star at Visom; 2016 3rd in world Wrap Masters final; 2017 1st in Europe and 3rd in the world final at HEXIS Battle, 2018 1st place European Wrapstar, 2019 1st place at Hexis Battle; 2019 captain of the TEAM UK at World Wrap Cup  6th place, 2020 captain of the TEAM UK 3rd place. After acquiring many certifications, friends and industry respect I’ve become an official trainer for William Smith Group, UK vinyl supplier and running at least one training a month plus doing many demos and working at exhibitions (due to the Covid situation we had to stop for the time being but we are planning more things online).

    • 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrapper
    • 3M Preferred Graphic Installer
    • 3M Knifeless Endorsed
    • 3M Endorsed Architectural Installer
    • Avery Specialist Installer
    • Arlon WrapItRight certified installer
    • Arlon Fleet installer Lv2
    • UKSG vinyl & wrap technician 
    Matt Richart

    I was born and raised in Louisville, KY, and have been happily married for 13 years to my wife Cindy Richart. We have three boys: Brody 11, Chase 9, and Daxton 3. Our family stays busy with me traveling all of the time, year-round basketball for the kids, and some golf sprinkled in from time to time. My family is everything to me, and without them, none of my achievements in my business life would be possible.

    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • M.O.B. Member
    • NBM, Roland DGA and Big Picture Magazine Contributor
    • Roland DGA Born to Wrap Instructor
    • Roland DGA Business and Marketing Class Instructor
    • SGIA (PDAA) Committee Board Member
    Krystal Miszewsk

    Krystal Miszewski is a professional vinyl graphics installer who brings her techniques directly to those passionate about installing. After spending nearly a decade as a freelance installer in over 150 shops across the world, Krystal recognizes the vital connection between shops and installers requiring clear communication, understanding and an overall passion for what we do in this industry. She recently represented the United States with several other well-known vehicle wrap installers in the Nations Wrap Cup in Dusseldorf, Germany where they finished in 2nd place out of 16 teams! Krystal has been featured in print and broadcast outlets, as well as several industry certifications. As owner of Candy Wraps, she takes commercial installs to the next level using industry-leading techniques for time efficiency and longevity of product.

    Trujillo's expertise has been recognized by industry groups such as Masters of Branding and Paint is Dead, and he has received accolades such as the OKCYP Verizon Award in 2019 and the ISA Elite in 2019. In 2021, Trujillo was invited to become a trainer for Avery Dennison North America, joining the ranks of esteemed professionals such as Justin Pate, John Duever, and Chad Parrish. With his extensive experience and passion for the industry, Trujillo and his team are committed to delivering the highest quality vinyl wraps and branding solutions to his clients at Lettering Express.

    • Orafol Certified
    • KPMF Certified
    • 3M Preferred
    • Avery Certified
    • (Past) PDAA Certified
    • (Past) Arlon Color Change Certified
    Justin Pate

    I began wrapping in 1996 in New York City. I started out working for a small, installation-only company, but only stayed with them for a year before leaving to install on my own. Until 2007, I was a freelance installer who focused primarily on car wraps. During those 11 years, I wrapped roughly 1,900 cars — the majority of them by myself.  This helped me streamline the wrapping process, and I was able to bring my install time well below the industry average. The last year I was in New York City, I wrapped 350 cars along with other install work such as walls, buildings and windows.  

    In 2007, I moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as my wife is Dutch and she wanted to raise our daughter there. From there, I continued to work as a freelance installer and worked for several high-volume companies. Wrapping in Europe was different from wrapping in the U.S., and the learning curve was steep, but allowed for me to get some great experience with different wrapping techniques. In 2008, I launched my 3-DVD combo set on learning how to wrap, and it sold at distributors worldwide. In 2009, I began teaching workshops in Europe for 3M and in the U.S. for Mutoh. In 2011, Avery Dennison took over the Mutoh car wrap workshop program and I was made head trainer for Avery Dennison North America. In 2013, I created the Avery Dennison car wrap certification program. 

    I began traveling around the globe extensively for training in 2012 — Alltak Tuning in Brazil, Sign and Digital in Ireland, Avery Dennison in both Australia and Japan. Over the years, I have also added South Africa, Mexico and Hong Kong to the list of countries I’ve trained in.  

    In 2014, alongside my partner Scott Bechtel, I launched The Wrap Institute, an online streaming video education platform on learning how to wrap.  At this time, I’m no longer a freelance installer, and I’ve moved to making videos and giving hands-on workshops full- time.   

    During this time, I’ve also had the honor to judge several wrap contests, some notable ones being the FESPA wrap masters and the Irish championships.  

    My goal, whether I’m installing, training or making videos, is to always strive to achieve the Never Stop Learning!™ mentality.  This only happens by working hard, being open to new tips and tricks whether they come from a person just picking up a squeegee for the first time or someone across the world, and always being a professional, 100% of the time.

    • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • 3M Preferred Trainer
    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
    Koji Yamaguchi

    Along with being an instructor at wrapping workshops to young installers, Koji has his own wrapping company. He loves to learn new methods and come up with new techniques for wrapping. Drifting is one of his other passions and participates in the D1 GRAND PRIX every year.

    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Trainer
    Benoit Jacquelin

    I started in 1992 as a hand painter and continued as a team leader in signmaker. In 1998, I made my first cover, and since that moment, I always tried to understand and improve my work as well as my techniques. In 2003, I was employed by a company to be an independent adhesive installer. I was able to do wraps on a lot of different mediums.

    I've been employed by Adforme since 2007, and in the same year, I started teaching application techniques in France and Switzerland. I’m passionate about my job, and I love bringing together people like myself. So, I created a group called the French Wrapping team as a helpful resource, but also a team for competitions or trips to trade shows. At the same time in 2013, I created an event called The Wrap Day with the same spirit behind it. It brings together wrappers for the purpose of meeting, sharing techniques and common projects. In addition, I organize French competitions. Every year I return to training to learn about new techniques, new materials or tools that I can use while training others.

    • 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Trainer, Switzerland and France
    • 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes Training, Germany
    • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Installer, Germany
    • 3M Architectural Windows Training
    • 3M PPF Training, France
    • Authorized SOTT Installer
    • Arlon Training, France
    • Mactac Flexchrome and PPF Training, France
    • XPEL Certified Paint Protection Films Installer, France
    Tadashi Kariya

    I started my business, which was then called Kariya Sign Service, in 1989 with my father. In 1995, we became Kariya Sign Service Limited Company, and in 2004, when my father retired from his work, I became the owner and changed the name to Design Lab. Inc. In 2010, we opened a new side to the sign business and began to run a vehicle wrapping facility as well as an online shop for wrapping tools. I was admitted as the first MOB member from Japan in 2015 and have been an active member ever since. Today, our company is well established and flourishing.

    • 3M Advanced Graphics Installer

    • 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Installer

    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer

    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer

    • Hexis Gold Certified Installer

    • LLUMAR PPF Master Installer

    • 1st Place in 2018 WRAPSCON Wrap Olympics USA

    Marcio Oliveira

    Marcio has 20+ years of graphics installation training experience, which has taken him to countries all over the world both teaching and learning. It’s evident Marcio enjoys his position at 3M, having worked there for the past 35 years. Throughout the years, he’s held different responsibilities, but they’ve all been within the graphics industry.

    His current position is with 3M's Commercial Solutions Division as the Global Expertise Delivery Manager for installation training and testing programs. Marcio was born in a small town in Brazil and came home from the hospital between his mom and dad riding on a motorcycle. He’s been hooked on motorcycles ever since, and Marcio calls himself a recovering Corvette-holic, having owned many. Marcio enjoys restoration and customization of motorcycles, cars, and airplanes. He considers himself extremely blessed to be a 3M trainer and says the most enjoyable part is seeing students increase in knowledge and skill, while pushing their boundaries to become even more confident and more successful than they ever imagined possible. His motto is “When we help our students be successful, then we are successful."

    • 3M Advanced Installer Training
    • 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company Tester
    • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
    • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Trainer
    • 3M Graphics Authorized Trainer
    • 3M Graphics Authorized Tester
    • 3M Knifeless Tape Installer
    • 3M Knifeless Tape Trainer
    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • IBOW Lead Trainer
    John Duever

    John Duever has been in the Vehicle Wrap and Graphics industry for over 18 years. John is very active in Worldwide vehicle wrap competitions, the latest winning the World Championship of Car Wrapping. Since 2002 John has been a partner at Vinyl Images and Design in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 2017 John has been a Certified Instructor for Avery Dennison and travels all over North America training and certifying installers. John is passionate about being an entrepreneur while touching as many lives as he can through coaching, mentoring and teaching.

    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • 3M Endorsed Architectural Films Installer
    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
    • Fellers Certified
    • PDAA Master Certified
    Ritchie Daize

    Ritchie got his start 27 years ago working at a sign shop weeding cut vinyl and building signs. He soon became the lead applicator there, and eventually opened his own graphics installation company called RD Installations. Ritchie became a leading expert in wrap application and fleet graphics. Ritchie began holding application and product training events for Arlon globally in 2002 and in 2008, he sold RD Installations and began his career with Arlon.

    Ritchie has traveled the world learning the best sign and graphics application techniques. Using this knowledge he helps to build the training, certification and platforms at Arlon. He is currently a Certified Arlon Trainer, a PDAA Trainer, and now an endorsed TWI Trainer. Ritchie lives in Canada with his two children.

    • Arlon Certified Trainer
    • PDAA Master Certified
    Rafael Muñoz

    Recognized, throughout Mexico and Latin America, as a trainer for leading brands in the industry, such as Avery Dennison and General Formulations, Rafael Muñoz began his career as a wraper more than 25 years and for 10 years has been dedicated to training young installers. Rafael born in Mexico in 1974, he is part of the MOB team.

    He is the founding director of PRODIGYO, leading company in México for 20 years. He has participated in various shows in Mexico, USA, Europe and Latin America. One of his goals has been to train a team of Latino installers whose work is recognized for the quality and creativity of their designs. Founder of the Halar Association.

    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Trainer
    • Hexis Certified Platinum Trainer
    • M.O.B. Member
    • Lowen Certified Expert Installer
    • PDAA Master Certified
    Alex Valencia

    In 2006, I got started in the industry without any previous experience or wrapping/PPF knowledge. I was hired at XPEL after learning about the company from a friend who designs patterns at XPEL. I was hired to train, which was a big risk considering I had no experience, but they trained me to train others, and now I train at XPEL Inc. headquarters, as well as wherever they need me to be globally. In addition, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to the IWFC’s PPF competition since it started and have loved it.

    My home base is HQ in San Antonio, TX, where I grew up and have started a family with my wife of 5 years Nicole Valencia, and our children. We are active in scouts with our two youngest and really enjoy the outdoors. We do believe in God and respect others’ opinions. I’m very grateful to be considered to be part of this group of industry leaders and respected professionals. My goals are to learn as much as I can from everyone and share as much as I can as well.

    • xx
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    Dimas Brasil

    Dimas was born in Brazil in 1983 began wrapping cars in 2003. Since then, he is always seeking out ways to perfect his technique and to share his knowledge of wrapping wherever he goes. Dimas has participated in shows and competitions in America and Europe.

    • Alltak Certified
    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Trainer
    • MOB Member since 2015
    • Orafol Certified Vehicle Wrap Installer
    Kevin Yu

    I started my automotive film journey in 2010 with window film, shortly after i got into PPF and vinyl. I have been installing since then and started my own business (Auto Film Solutions) in Colorado in 2016. Learning on my own was not the easiest but it gave me the ability to create my own techniques and problem solve common issues in our industry by thinking outside of the box.

    Learning the install technique in my opinion is only half of what makes you a great installer, knowing the product that you are installing inside and out is what completes your technique and makes you a step above. I pride myself in knowing as much as there is to know about products, substrates, and technique to further my skillset in our evergrowing industry. I became a Hexis certified installer for Vinyl in 2016 and PPF shortly after in 2017. In 2018 I was brought on board with Hexis as a Platinum Certified Trainer for Vinyl and PPF for North America. In 2019 I became a member of the Paint Is Dead group for North America as well. I love training students and growing our industry’s knowledge-base to make installer’s lives easier and ever more efficient!

    • Ceramic Pro Certified Installer
    • Hexis Authorized Tester
    • Hexis Certified Trainer
    • Hexis Platinum Certified PPF Installer
    • Hexis Platinum Certified Vinyl Installer
    • Paint Is Dead Member
    Dallas Fowler

    I started in the sign industry in 1994 at Dave Clute Sign Co learning the art of hand painting signs and wall murals for several years. I then spent a year or so at Best Stamp Sign and Seal Co. learning about bronze architectural signage and plaques. Soon after I worked at Safari Land Graphics preparing Police, Fire and EMS Reflective kits and Toyota branded decals for the auto division.

    From 1998-2002 I moved to Ft. Lauderdale where I attended Art Institute and got my degree in Computer Animation, during this time I worked at Creative Signs airbrushing and hand painting sandblasted signs for about a year. I finished my time in Florida working at Girard Signs til I graduated and eventually moving back to KY in 2002. I learned all my skills as a soon-to-be shop owner with Richard and Donna Girard doing everything from designing on Flexi-Sign and running a plotter, to overall shop production. I learned a lot about vinyl signs, fleet lettering, wall graphics, sandblast signs and aluminum sign building. Not long after moving back to KY, I worked at Graffiti Graphics where I met Matt Richart and we ran that shop doing signs, vehicle lettering and graphics. I think around this time I discovered the art of digital printing that the Roland printer could produce and realized there was a market for just vehicle advertising. So I partnered with Matt Richart and Joe Roberts to create Digital EFX Wraps in 2004. We created Digital EFX Wraps with the company goal and focus to do vehicle graphics and wraps. A year or so after being in business we were discovered by Roland thru magazine articles and a contest entry. Shortly after that Roland flew us out to wrap a Scion at Roland headquarters in Irvine, CA. That spawned into doing live wrap demos at shows and soon after creating a wrap program for Roland Born To Wrap.

    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
    • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Trainer
    • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • PDAA Master Certified
    • Roland Certified Wrap Trainer
    • XPEL Certified Paint Protection Films Installer