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Wrapping Up April 2020

Hello everyone – I hope that April was a safe and focused month! Here are the new videos that TWI released:

As you can see, we have a new index along with playlists and featured videos. We hope that you have been enjoying it and we really would love to get input in terms of what kind of playlists you would like to see. We will be very focused in the next few months to really fine tune these to make your viewing experience even better.

We are happy to say our progress on the center in Munich is coming along. We're hoping to debut it in May, so stay tuned.
Look out for a great new Wrap Institute program that we will be launching soon. It focuses on improving an essential aspect of a wrap shop that separates them from their competition and helps increase profits. We hope you will enjoy it, and the only clue I can give is that the name of the program has three words and they all start with the letter "D."

It may seem far away, but keep in mind that the Never Stop Learning Wrap Contest and The Wrap Experience, both led by TWI, are still taking place in Orlando in August. We have been speaking with ISA, and they say it’s a full go, so we can’t wait. We have all the incredible designs ready for the contest, so be sure to sign up when registration opens.

We know that this has been a challenging time in various degrees for all TWI members. We hope that you have been mentally strong during this time and have found ways to grow your install skills as well as business workflow. TWI strongly feels that the wrap economy will pick back up to pre-Corona levels in the coming months. We have made lots of product videos for exciting new materials that will debut in June, so the summer should be a fun month of wrapping.

Thanks as always for being a member of TWI and Never Stop Learning!™