Wrapping Up November 2017

December 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – what a good, busy month of November. Lots of videos filmed at SEMA and in Dallas – total of 95 videos in the can ready to edit. Exciting stuff. Here are the videos released in November:

For December, expect to see the rest of the SEMA demo videos play out. I especially like the break down videos on how each different wrap was installed – great insight into workflow and installers can make a designer’s vision come to life. Several videos on installing chrome on cars and more interviews from SEMA – Kevin Kempf, Chad Parrish and Joffrey van der Jagt. We will end the year with an overview of 2017 and plan to take the last week of December off from releasing a new daily video to focus on family and celebrating the new year.

Speaking of 2018, I’m really excited about the lineup off videos for January and February. Especially a series on refurbishing an oldish car with worn out paint and hardware with the same color wrap film as the paint. Great insight into wrapping without taking hardware off, repairing hardware with wrap film and avoiding overwrapping. A whole series will begin about breaking down 4-5 different ways on how to wrap something on a vehicle (mirrors, molding, antennas, etc…). It will show the positives and negatives for each approach so installers and owners get a good sense of which option is best for each type of install in terms of quality, time and money. Always a balance to find the right formula.

Also, look for more videos on tools, either overview or product videos, as well as more focus on wrap films. The goal as always is to expand the library so I hope to get a whole series on design and window tint rolling by spring.

TWI is booked for Wrapscon in Long Beach again which is always exciting and, with my travel locked and loaded for 2018, look for more videos from Japan, Brazil, Australia, Europe and the U.S. Such an exciting industry to be in and, as always, thanks for your support. 

Wrappy holiday wishes to you and your family and best of wishes for 2018.


Wrapping Up October 2017

November 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope you had a solid October and got lots of candy from Halloween. In a way, wraps are kind of like costumes for cars, walls, floors and windows. Here are the videos released this month:

I want to give a special thanks to Casey Folk from PDX Wraps for sharing some valuable tips and tricks that he shared during the October video run.  Great biz logic.

The new PDFs are on TWI so be sure to click on the Shop page and download them to your Dashboard. Free for all subscribing TWI members. I plan on giving an overview of “The Golden Rules of Car wrap Design” (one of the new PDFs) while shooting at TWI in November. Lots of videos planned for those shooting days with a big focus on making smart choices to avoid overwrapping as well as more product videos.

From Oct 31-Nov 3, the film crew for TWI will be getting a ton of footage from SEMA so look for 8 detailed vids on the wraps done in the Avery Dennison booth with Joffrey van der Jagt, Jim Miller, Chad Parrish and myself. Very cool wraps planned so worth watching when they are released. Also, the annual SEMA overview and lots of interviews with key people in the industry. Look for more of those exclusive interviews in 2018 as I think they offer great insight into how people wrap and run a business. A fresh perspective is always a good thing especially if it creates more time and money.

Thanks as always for being a member of TWI. Learning and earning, that’s the ticket.     


Wrapping Up September 2017

October 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello TWI Members – I hope you had a super solid month of wrapping with high profits and happy clients. Here are the videos released this month:

I just finished filming at The Wrap Institute Headquarters in Dallas. There are 38 videos in the can which will start airing this month. Several product videos were filmed for Avery Dennison, Teckwrap, Pro Tools Now and Pro Series from PID. There is a very cool interview with Molly Waters, tech rep from Avery Dennison, that is really informative and insightful so be sure to check that out.

As mentioned in the September newsletter, lots of videos on UGIS: Universal Graphic Installation System. It is all about seeing a system and using it on a daily basis in order to make wrapping anything efficient and ensure profits.

SEMA, in Las Vegas, begins at the end of October. I’m always honored to be doing demos in the Avery Dennison booth. This year I will be working with Joffrey van der Jagt from Pro Wraps, Jim Miller from Miller Decals and Chad Parrish from Graphiti Wraps. Joffrey has come up with some really cool designs that will be produced by John Duever’s company, Vinyl Images. All the demonstrations will be filmed from start to finish so look for those to be on The Wrap Institute in November. The wraps will be really pushing the boundaries so definitely keep an eye out for them.  

There are two more rounds of video shoots planned for 2017 so please be sure to make a suggestion on the Forum.

Best of luck in October and an early Happy Halloween!


Wrapping Up August 2017

September 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope August treated you well and the wraps went on easy and smooth. Here are the videos released in August:

In September, look for more downloadable PDFs added to the (brand new) SHOP section. Remember, these PDFs are free for subscribing members.

I have updated UGIS (Universal Graphic Installation System) to UGIS 2.0 and divided it into 2.0: Digital Full Print and 2.0: Color Change Wraps – these will be available to download soon. Also, a Golden Rules for Vehicle Designs PDF will be added, which is great to help designers understand the installation process. Included in the Golden Rules PDF is a checklist that can be used in conjunction with the other PDFs in The Wrap Institute library – install checklist, pre-inspection and wrap removal checklist. Keeping a paper trail of the jobs start to finish is key to being a professional installer/sign shop.

September 24-30, I will have shooting days in Dallas at TWI HQ. The goal is to get back to basics and remake a lot of the first videos on TWI that covered properties of the material and strong fundamentals. This industry is changing so fast that even after just 3 ½ years it’s time to update even the basics. It’s one of the things that makes this industry so exciting. These videos will be essential for beginners and for training new employees in less time.

Look for new official 3M Knifeless videos to be added along with other product videos. The Wrap Institute is proud to make these videos about tools and material that help better explain how they are used so installers can get up to speed in terms of knowledge and skill quickly.

Best of luck in September.


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Wrapping Up July 2017

August 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – I hope July was a busy one as it certainly was for The Wrap Institute. Some extra good videos released this month. Here they are:

Wrapscon is finished and it was a big success. It was great to see all the designs come to life on all the elements in the booth, especially on the Nissan NV1500 and Basecamp Airstream.

The booth could not have happened without the support from our sponsors this year: Avery Dennison, Madico, Mutoh, Fellers, Yellotools, Ceramic Pro and Wrapify. Thanks to Nissan and Airstream OC for providing the vehicles. The team at Car Wrap City for the design and production. Christina Burton from Curvaceous Wraps for the designs on Day 1. The support from NBM and their fabulous crew. Lastly, to Cassandra Pate (no relation) for all the hard work she did before and during the show which pulled it all together. We are already coming up with cool ideas for next year so mark your calendars now. 

This month look for videos to be released that were filmed at Wrapscon which cover a wide variety of topics: recessed areas, surfboards, floors, trailers, window perforation, PPF and much more.  

As usual, if you have suggestions for videos please put them on the Forum page. I will be filming lots of new videos in the fall so can plan them then.

Best of luck wrapping!

Justin Pate

Wrapping Up June 2017

July 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone - I hope the cuts were precise this month and the wraps went on quick and easy. Here are the videos released in June:

The video line up in July is an exciting one - a four-part series on an art floor install for Mark Dean Veca, more biz videos with John Duever, product videos and tests, then the last group of advanced 3M Knifeless Tape videos with Phil Aquin.
From July 20-22, I, along with The Wrap Institute team, will be running our booth at Wrapscon in Long Beach, California. Everything in the booth will be wrapped once each day - a van, Airstream camper, floor, wall, cooler, table, chairs, helmets, instruments, surfboards, skateboards, and more. Super exciting designs and demos. All demos will be videotaped and put in The Wrap Institute library so look for these in August. If you can make the show, come by the booth for a free koozie or to buy a new TWI tee.
Have a great July everyone and keep on wrappin' on.


Wrapping up May 2017

June 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello fellow wrappers – I hope May was a good one. Here are the videos released in May:

For June, expect more videos on PPF and tint. With all the upcoming PPF videos + those already in the video library, anyone who is new to PPF installs should be able to get up to speed quickly as there are videos on a wide variety of vehicles and techniques.
In May, I had a chance to visit Ceramic Pro in San Diego and shot a day’s worth of footage. Look for two product videos and TWI videos to be release in June. Ceramic coatings are worth considering in terms of protecting a wrap (especially carbon and white matte) and as an upsell for rims.
As you may have noticed, you can click the tool images below each video to see more info on that tool and where to buy it. Members were asking about this so we built the links on the back end. We plan on expanding this throughout the summer so all users in every country can enjoy this feature.
The traffic on the Forum has picked up the last few months which is great. Always feel free to reach out with a question or comment. I try to answer questions as much as time allows and it’s great to see others pitching in as well. Don’t forget that you have direct access to tech reps at companies like Avery Dennison. Great way to get an important tech question answered right away.
In about a week we will be sending out the overview of our booth at Wrapscon. It will be super exciting so hope to see you there.


Wrapping Up April 2017

Hello wrappers – I hope the quotes came in and the wraps went out this month.  Here are the videos released on TWI for April.

The advanced 3M Knifeless videos will continue at the beginning of May with Phil Aquin.  Lots of great techniques in these which can help up your Knifeless game so enjoy. 

I shot a ton of new videos while at XPEL headquarters mid-April so look for these to come out end of May, early June.  Big focus on PPF bumpers (Porsche and Ferrari), PPF hoods, tint and much more. 

I will be doing lunchtime demos at FESPA Hamburg from May 8-12 so look for these in May/June as well.  Topics will be: cutting down on cutting, making a bed, the glass game and relief cut logic.

From June 9-13 I will be in Dallas at The Wrap Institute headquarters filming.  This is a bigger than normal window to shoot which is very exciting.  We just upgraded our camera and audio set up so the quality and detail will get even better.  Lots of videos already planned but if you have any requests please go to the forum page type it in. 

Wrapscon in Long Beach from July 20-22 is just around the corner and we are in full gear getting ready for it.  Lots of cool demos so if you are going to be in SoCal in July, come by our booth to check out the action.




New to Wrapping Vehicles? Start Here.

Are you brand new to wrapping vehicles? If so, you may be getting lost or overwhelmed in our video database, which contains tips and techniques for all installer levels.

Justin put together a list of Wrap Institute videos for beginners who are just starting out. So if you're looking for the basic techniques to learn to wrap, start here:

All the TWI Tool videos are free and are a great resource for new installers. Each Tool category includes an overview of the tool itself, how to use it, techniques/tips for the tool, and where to buy it.

We also have an entire category full of free videos that you can see by going to Videos and clicking "Free Videos" in the Categories list. 

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Thinking about getting certified? Justin talks about certification - benefits, the process, etc - in this video.

Happy wrapping!


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