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Super Subaru Full Print Woodie Wrap 2.0

This is a great series for installers who are doing color change or commercial vehicle wrap installs. It starts with an in-depth hardware removal, and covers how the design was created.


After the prep phase videos, there are solid install technique videos on all sections of the vehicle with a large emphasis on the bumpers. This vehicle has very tricky areas to wrap around and into, as well as super tight molding. With this in mind, we show a lot of advanced techniques to work around these tricky bits. Also, note that Justin shows how to avoid overwrapping on key areas like door handles and bumpers by embracing the fact that this is not a color change wrap but a commercial full print install. This is key for installers and wrap shops to embrace to help ensure profits.


Material: Digital Full Print with Matte Lamination - Cast. Vehicle: Subaru

Duration: 3:43
Duration: 5:51
Duration: 6:48
Duration: 6:59
Duration: 13:34
Duration: 7:49
Duration: 14:12
Duration: 11:40