Transform your House with 3M Di-Noc | Wrap Institute
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Transform your House with 3M Di-Noc

In this playlist, you will see how to prep and install 3M Di-Noc interior/exterior wrapping film that comes in a wide range of colors and finishes that looks like wood, metal, tile and much more! 


Justin shows how to install this film on a variety of different objects throughout a house that create a custom transformation.  Keep in mind that the benefits of interior/exterior films are varied with the main ones being saving on costs as well as having a great positive environmental impact. This type of install with 3M Di-Noc films are much different than standard wrapping film so its a must watch for any wrap shop or installer looking to get into this lucrative side of the wrap business. This type of interior wrap can be very profitable but the key is knowing how to apply this unique film. 


These videos cover: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Hallway, Tables, Bookshelves  and much more.