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Knives & Blades

Having the appropriate knives and blades on-hand during an installation is very important. The wrong knife can mean costly repairs, reprints and reinstalls. Below you will find knives and blades for different install situations and applications. Clicking on one of the tools below will take you to a free video in which Justin will give a detailed overview of the tool, as well as install demonstrations so you can see not only how the tool works, but how to make it work in the most efficient way for you.

The Wrap Institute is an unbiased platform and our content is not influenced by any specific company or product. At the request of wrap manufacturers, distributors, and businesses, we’re proud to support the wrap industry by producing high-quality demonstration and instructional videos. We’ve selected a number of these to be included in our video library. These videos are for informational purposes only and do not imply an endorsement.
TWI Overview
Justin gives a detailed overview of the most common blades used in the wrap industry: light duty snap-off blades. Covered are the two types of angle tips: 58° and 30° as well as the material used:...
TWI Overview
When you're cutting on or near a vehicle while wrapping, having the right knife is absolutely crucial. You want a light-duty utility knife. Avoid your average X-Acto knives and heavy-duty knives. Look...
TWI Overview
Justin explains the different tools used to cut back window film wraps from the molding in order to get a safe distance that ensures long term durability.
TWI Overview
The Excel Dual Flex Cutter comes with two parallel-mounted, adjustable-width blades that can be used to cut strips of vinyl for accent pieces, thin stripes, molding, and more. The handle is aluminum and...
Justin shows three methods and tools that allow installers to trim vinyl that is bridged over the body gaps on a vehicle. These techniques help you to avoid the risk of cutting on the car itself, and to...
The standard razor blade is encased in the plastic holder which allows excess film to be cut safely around a vehicle. For use by right and left handers.
This is an official product video for Excel's Dual Flex Cutter knife that can be used to trim back window perforation or to create custom stripes. The width of the blades can be adjusted which gives...