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A variety of tapes are used during the wrap process - masking tapes for lowering surface energy, adhesive tapes for reapplying emblems, and of course you can't leave home without a tape measure.

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This is an official product video for Mold n' Hold from Alltak. Mold n' Hold is visual edge sealing tape that looks like textured factory molding on vehicles. All the necessary product and install...
TWI Overview
Justin gives an overview of tape measures and which type is best for certain applications.  Adjusting the tape measure to each job will lead to solid workflow and avoid scratching the substrate.
Masking tape can be used in a variety of ways during an install to help lower surface energy which can help the film tuck under or around objects like door handles, molding and much more.
Strong, double-sided tape for reapplying emblems to the exterior of a vehicle.
Trim line tape (also known as: cutting tape, striping tape, pinstriping tape) is thin, flexible tape used for cutting and lining. There are a variety of widths available from 1/4"/3mm to 3/4"/18mm.
Transfer tape (aka Pre-Mask Tape) is used to hold cut vinyl shapes in place as well as lower surface energy. Although it is primarily used for signage applications, there are many instances where transfer...
3M Press-in-Place is a huge timesaver - it drastically cuts time spent reapplying emblems. It works on solid, flat emblems, open emblems and small letters/numbers. Each pack of Press-in-Place comes...
The Fusion Tools Afterburn Tape has a high heat resistance - up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit - with just one layer of tape applied. This product is self-adhering, which means it bonds to itself with no adhesive....