Wrapping Up August 2018

September 1, 2018 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello TWI wrappers! For August, I hope the wraps went on smooth which meant you had some time to enjoy the profits. Here is what was released:

We hope you like the new look of the site. It was a major undertaking and, now that it's behind us, we are moving on to other projects.  Several of the big ones will launch in the next month or two so keep an eye out for them as they will be very exciting. 

One project that will launch very soon is a section where TWI members will get special discounts to manufacturers or distributors. We launch with 4 companies, Race Ramps, Blue Stitched, We Print Wraps and Excel. The goal is to expand this in the coming months. If you have any requests for companies or distributors, let us know on the forum. We can use this as a map for approaching the companies that suit our members best.  It’s another way of saying thank you for your support.  

We will be starting our TWI Live program on September 8th where I, along with local installers, will wrap a car live in real time. The idea is to showcase local talent as well as create awareness about wraps in the public. We have four locations locked in – Boise, Denver, Melbourne and Sydney - and plan to expand it in 2019 if it goes well. These events will be filmed and put up on TWI after the event.   

For September videos, there will be several good ones on rivets/trailers, graphics on a school bus and three great tint videos from Rainer which are on point as usual.