Wrapping Up March 2018

Happy April TWI members. I hope March was a solid month for everyone and here were the videos released:

As you can see in the past couple of weeks, we are focusing on strong fundamental videos which are geared for training new employees and updating the first videos released on TWI.  

The chrome series on the Corvette ZA-1 had to be rescheduled until April 16th in order to coincide with a corresponding product release. This will be a 13-part series that covers everything from bumpers, mirrors, corners, cutting and more.  

We will be filming for 4 days in Dallas in early April and have a list of requests from TWI members so look for these to air in May. These videos will include new product videos and a Dually.

Starting this month, we will be adding the podcasts from All Wrapped Up so a special thanks to Jeff Gregorio for sharing these with TWI members. These can be found in the “podcast” section on the index along with the ones already on the site from The Wrap Pod. These interviews offer a unique insight into people who are working in a variety of different areas within the wrap world. 

We got another 70 T-shirts for the World Wrapper Wall so please keep sending them in. We love to see this wall get bigger each month as it inspires us to keep pushing to new levels.

Thanks as always for being a TWI member!