Wrapping Up November 2017

December 1, 2017 Issue
The Wrap Institute Newsletter

Hello everyone – what a good, busy month of November. Lots of videos filmed at SEMA and in Dallas – total of 95 videos in the can ready to edit. Exciting stuff. Here are the videos released in November:

For December, expect to see the rest of the SEMA demo videos play out. I especially like the break down videos on how each different wrap was installed – great insight into workflow and installers can make a designer’s vision come to life. Several videos on installing chrome on cars and more interviews from SEMA – Kevin Kempf, Chad Parrish and Joffrey van der Jagt. We will end the year with an overview of 2017 and plan to take the last week of December off from releasing a new daily video to focus on family and celebrating the new year.

Speaking of 2018, I’m really excited about the lineup off videos for January and February. Especially a series on refurbishing an oldish car with worn out paint and hardware with the same color wrap film as the paint. Great insight into wrapping without taking hardware off, repairing hardware with wrap film and avoiding overwrapping. A whole series will begin about breaking down 4-5 different ways on how to wrap something on a vehicle (mirrors, molding, antennas, etc…). It will show the positives and negatives for each approach so installers and owners get a good sense of which option is best for each type of install in terms of quality, time and money. Always a balance to find the right formula.

Also, look for more videos on tools, either overview or product videos, as well as more focus on wrap films. The goal as always is to expand the library so I hope to get a whole series on design and window tint rolling by spring.

TWI is booked for Wrapscon in Long Beach again which is always exciting and, with my travel locked and loaded for 2018, look for more videos from Japan, Brazil, Australia, Europe and the U.S. Such an exciting industry to be in and, as always, thanks for your support. 

Wrappy holiday wishes to you and your family and best of wishes for 2018.