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Wrapping Up June 2019

June is closed for business and July is open and ready. Here are the very good videos that were released in June:

First off, if you are in the Boise, Idaho, area on July 6th be sure to stop by the TWI Live event at the Rag Company. It's going to be a lot of fun with super yummy food.

The video line up for July is just as solid as June. Lots of videos with Joffrey van der Jagt from Pro Wraps with great tips and advice, a deep bumper series with Rainer Lorz, and two "what’s in your wrap shop" videos that feature Chris Bull and Jamie Mullican. Also, definitely be sure to check out our product videos this month on Ceramic Pro - solid tips for protecting wraps and upselling.  

Wrapscon is just around the corner in August and our booth is shaping up to be super cool. Can’t wait to reveal our booth design and schedule of demos and guest speakers. Don’t forget to submit suggestions to us for demos as we want to make Wrapscon about our members as much as possible.

Best of luck in July and keep on wrappin’ on!